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  1. mizznfizz

    Mac Mini-esque build... what am I missing

    Well I am finally up and running completely and stably. I was still having trouble with getting full graphics acceleration when a user in another thread recommended using a clover folder from someone else's build that he was able to get functioning. Well I gave it a shot and sure enough I have everything up and running perfectly now. I will probably take the next week to make little tweaks here and there to ensure everything is stable, then upgrade to Mojave. Once that is done and stable I can call this complete! I still need to go through the other users Clover>Kexts>Other folder to see what was different and also their clover settings.
  2. mizznfizz

    unable to enable gpu UHD630

    Thanks I will give that a shot.
  3. LOL... well I am dumb, realized after all that that I did not have my boot order set properly in my bios. So no matter having the boot stick in or not it was still attempting to boot from the UEFI partition for the os. So once I realized that and got the boot order situated I was able to get into my system and replace the EFI with a backup I had taken prior to messing with the framebuffer stuff.
  4. Well no dice... Got the card installed and while it will recognize it in the GPU Injector screen in clover, I cannot seem to get it to work. Clover recognizes it as a device ID of 6610 and a Radeon R7 250. Howvever, no matter what firmware I attempt to inject or anything it will not recognize more than 14mb of ram. Spent the last 3hrs messing with it on top of the fact that my case (wesena ITX4 v3 which is the US version of a Streacom FC7 minus the front ports and media slot) is just too small to fit any card other than one that is 15mm wide (which this particular R7 350x is). The graphics is the last thing that I am battling with and so I am just going to see if I can return the card and then upgrade to something like the Fractal Design Define Nano with a normal full sized card that is OOB supported.
  5. UEFI is enabled in bios... Did not put on thumbdrive, put on standard drive. Did luckily have a backup of my EFI folder like I thought. EFI folder is 23.8mb zipped... Any recommendations to getting it below 10mb limit?
  6. Ok tried it and didn't even recognize it as a bootable drive. Got the "insert a bootable drive or press any key to reboot" message.
  7. Oh and have the broadcom bcm94352z wifi/bt card to replace stock one.
  8. So WEG and Lilu has taken place of pretty much everything? Should have my R7 350x low profile card this afternoon, so once I get past my AppleACPICPU issue and install the card I should be good to go as long as I have WEG+Lilu installed?
  9. Probably should not that this is in the system in my sig line. Running updated versions of everything (kexts, clover, clover bootloader, etc.) and running of integrated graphics from the i5 8400.
  10. So ran into an issue last night where I am now having the "AppleACPICPU failed to load" then 60s timer to attempt again. This will attempt 4 different times until it will finally boot to a black screen with nothing shown. Only option is to then shut the machine down. I attempted to boot into Safe Mode from Clover options (hitting spacebar at clove bootloader screen) but that results in the same error. No special bootflags going other than broadcom patch for country code. I was attempting to get my integrated graphics going when this happened. How do I get past this error to be able to get to my desktop so I can load the backup of config file (that I took prior to messing with the graphics stuff)????
  11. There is a post (dont remember if here or elsewhere) that says you need the RadeonDeInit (or something like that) kext to get them to work.
  12. mizznfizz

    unable to enable gpu UHD630

    I can't get to anything. Can't boot into safe mode, can't boot into regular mode, can't get it to boot from the USB installer without it going to the installer screen. NADA!! Actually I take that back... I think I pulled a copy of my entire EFI folder to a thumbdrive before I tried to make the change, but that would not show you what is currently wrong. Did that right after I got everything else working with BT continuity items in kext>other as well. Will have to check tonight (4pm PST).
  13. mizznfizz

    unable to enable gpu UHD630

    Unfortunately I am stuck at an "AppleACPICPU" hang that eventually leads to a black screen. Can't get past that point right now even when trying to load safe mode.
  14. mizznfizz

    Mac Mini-esque build... what am I missing

    Ok so finally got everything working again and started trying to get the framebuffer taken care of to get graphics acceleration. Attempted using a "general" framebuffer guide as the Framebuffer Patching via WEG guide just isn't making sense to me and I am not getting any framebuffer dumps when using the two boot arguments. So here is where I am at. tried using a different guide that has been updated as of a few days ago from another site that had a similar board to mine. I am now stuck at a kernal hang. I get hung up on AppleACPICPU for multiple "Busy" signals then I will go into the Apple logo (quickly and very broken) and I get a black screen. Can't get past this even in safemode to get to my config.plist to swap it out for the previous settings. Any ideas how to get back to the system desktop to get this fixed?
  15. mizznfizz

    Hackintool v2.8.6

    How does one go about renaming the ports in step 8? 8. Reboot with -uia_exclude_ss uia_include=HS01,HS02 boot flags • Change the HS01,HS02 ports to the ones you have your mouse and keyboard attached I get to this point and cannot change the ports needed on my board (HS01 and HS02) as they must be part of the front USB header and not on my rear IO?! And if I go through the steps without doing that and do the -uia_exclude_hs boot flag then I lose all USB ports period (as they are on the back). Also, while I have not gone through every post, is the first section depricated? While I am going through and attempting to get eeverything working it states for my USB controller (200 series XHC controller according to the tool) that I need the XHCI-Unsupported.kext however that does not seem to exist and all I can seem to find is the standard FakePCIID.kext file.