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  1. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hello, can you add on your fantastic DSDT Auto patcher my mobo? It's fairly old but it's working ok. MSI P965 NEO here it is:send_me.zip Thanks a lot, appreciate your work!!!
  2. 8800 GT to Quadro FX 3700

    http://rapidshare.com/files/337820214/quadro.rar.html I only matched timingsets between them.If its still unstable the next step will be to underclock it a little bit I send you PM
  3. 8800 GT to Quadro FX 3700

    WOW, what a coincidence, we have the same videocard, now I know what problems do you have!!! The exact card is GV-NX88T512HP REV.1.0.That one that came with "Neverwinter Nights2"? This one? If so, i'll send my bios directly
  4. 8800 GT to Quadro FX 3700

    Not Wmvare ,Windows Virtual PC, XP Mode, buildt in Win7.See here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/ Even so, it has no graphic acceleration, but with the two.roms, you'll be able to change timings of the quadro rom after the geforce one.If you don't wanna mess with the instalation of Virtual PC (actually), send me the two roms and i'll modify them for you, no problem.You have to know at least the quadro rom under Win7 what timingset uses.It's simple, if quadro uses timingset 1(you could verify this), the chances are 99% that geforce will use timingset 2.Send the roms to me, or tell me what rom did you use.The Aquamac q3700 512 rom ? Regards
  5. 8800 GT to Quadro FX 3700

    Yes, it will work, if it doesn,t work in Win7 do it on dos, type nvflash -b xxx.rom after that, open a sequence of virtual Win XP in Win 7 and do the comparsion/changing of the timings in Nibitor there .You'll avoid annoing errors this way. Stay on x64, with 3 GB ram plus 512 Mb videocard, you're close to the limit of 4 GB.And apps will work better.What apps do you use? Do you have the last Nibitor version (5.03)? For getting rid of annoing problems with unsigned video drivers, install Driver Ready Plus http://data.citadelindustries.net/setupreadydriverplus.exe Look at Booim's post in page 4.
  6. 8800 GT to Quadro FX 3700

    nacallik, it may happen the same thing like what happen to my card.Your card uses one timingset when Geforce and another when Quadro. The timings that are used when quadro are too tight and have to be modified whith the ones your card uses when Geforce. Do one test, with the quadro rom, open nibitor and in the main tab go to Tools/Read Bios/Select device, select your card, hit ok and again go to Tools/Read Bios/Read into Nibitor.Then go to Bootup Clocks(main page, down),open and hit Autoselect, you'll get "your timingset id no..."and check Core/Shader/Memory to be 400/800/400.Remember the timingset which your card uses when quadro, then reflash the original rom, install the forceware drivers and open Nibitor again.Do the same thing in Bootup Clocks and see if the card uses another timingset.If it uses another one(for example quadro uses timingset 2 and geforce timingset 1), here is the key - you'll have to modify the timingset which quadro uses, accordingly to the timingset which geforce uses. Open 2 instances of Nibitor, left, one with geforce.rom, right with quadro.rom.secet in both Timings/the timigset every card uses and modify the detailed timings of quadro's rom with these of geforce rom and when finish, hit ok.(do not forget to select the timingset which your card uses when geforce and when quadro) when you'll finish to modify, and before saving the rom with ajustments, close geforce's Nibitor instance and in the quadro instance go to Adv. Info, hit rescan bios, you'll see that the green dot (Integrity) will become yellow.You'll need to adjust the new calculated checksum of the bios. Go to Tools/Hex View and in the hex editor that will open on the right, scroll down on the last line and look at the last two digits, they corespond with the actual checksum, but you'll have to modify them with the new calculated checksum.Look here: Then go to File/Save Bios.Reflash the new rom with timing modifications, reinstall quadro/geforce drivers and download OCCT which is a stability testing program.Extract it and run first GPU:OCCT with "error check" ticked for 15 min and look for errors and videocard temp.If it fails and you get errors, stop it and run GPU:MEMTEST pass:10 and again, look for errors.If your card runs at stock clocks and you still get errors, then you'll have maybe to downclock memory(for unknown reasons, this what's happen to my 8800GT@Quadro FX 3700). Aquamac was so kind and made a custom rom after my original one and still have this problem.Maybe I'll have to write to Mavke at http://www.mvktech.net to beg him some help to make Nibitor use the same timingset when OS recognize the ex Geforce as Quadro. WOW, huge post, I hope this will help your problem.
  7. 8800 GT to Quadro FX 3700

    Hy Aqua, I own two Gigabyte 8800GT, model name gv-nx88t512hp rev.1.0 and i tried your bios- on each card separately-(512 MB version) with the frequencies changed to the ones of my card and i got annoing artefacts in bios and when the system loads the os, even strange pixels when I work in After Effects and load OpenGl acceleration.Seems there are the same problems like Booim encountered, and like you said is an memory register mismatch problem, or something else rather that too high frequencies. I even tried Booim's bios and I had to reflash the card blindly .Can you please take a look at my bios?I have two similar video cards and I'd be very, very happy that I could use them in sli mode (i didn't tried them to sli, bc. of the artefacts). This is the link of my original bios: http://rapidshare.com/files/319723906/clim...8800gt.rar.html Maybe you could take a look when you have the time.Thanks a lot, you made one big leap ahead with your work !