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  1. fOZf8

    Best way to replace a kernel

    Thanks a bundle, both of you...I've used the 86tools a few times and never even noticed that...and I wouldn't have known about the system kext either. saved by the forces of Beer and Rhy...a damn good combination mind you, albeit a gaseous one as well!
  2. I've swapped kernels before, but can't find the correct method to do so by searching the forums for some reason. I have a Pentium D 2.8ghz running 10.5.5 from iDeneb (v 1.3 i think). It runs great, everything seems fully functional over the last week except for sleep. I know on the install disk there is a 9.2.2 sleep kernel which I'd like to replace my current with...or perhaps the vanilla would work best? In any case, if anyone could point a finger or shoot me the command lines to best do this with I'd greatly appreciate it! I'm not a total Mac n00b, I've had a MBPro for 2 years...I'm just not the best at the command prompt yet!
  3. I used nano, other's have suggested pico...I'm sure there are more options as well, I just don't know them myself
  4. fOZf8

    Getting the ati display util workin on a X86 machine

    so far as I have yet been able to confirm with real macs, this works with the core duo macbooks x1600, but not the c2d's...I have no idea about homebrews though.
  5. fOZf8

    Universal Requests?

    would anyone care to take a spin at porting a driver? source code -> Echo PCI Audio prolly not I imagine, it's just odd I'd think, that they post the source code, yet won't (or haven't still) unibined it
  6. fOZf8

    What size?

    I'd stick to 4:3 at 19"...it's really just preference, but after using a 19" 4:3 LCD for the last year, I find I need at least a 1024+ vertical res on a widescreen in order to not feel claustrophobic.
  7. Sorry gwprod12, I must have been thinking of Nihilism "Vee ah nihilists! Vee beleeve in natheeng!" The real answer, for me at least, in the god/no god issue, is that it really just doesn't matter
  8. Belief shouldn't even be used in connection with the concept of atheism. Atheism is DISBELIEF. Belief is to have faith in the truth of something that isn't proven to be a solid fact. Belief is a chance, a guide through the dark. Belief pertains most predominantly to religion....atheism is not a religion, it is an acceptance of that which is scientifically and logically impossible. It is one of the many possible results of seeing through the dark...on your own terms. If you've reached true enlightenment at any point in your life, then you have likely come to understand how the core of existence truly stands upon a multitude of paradox....once you've realized how concrete and logical the many paradoxes we live within truly are, you can more easily comprehend how the word 'God' is merely a concept, a beacon, a figurehead, a metaphor for a paradox which can not be understood by many otherwise. The true existence of a God is utterly and completely irrelevant in the end of things. No worries, I have no issues with people who have belief systems, I only have issues with people who have issues with the fact that I lack a belief system, and think that I (and everyone else in the world) should be in their belief system only. If all of that sounds like total BS to you, try reading the I Ching. It's the only historical piece of religious literature I've ever read that is wholly devoid of hypocrisy. In fact, to me, it's more akin to reading a textbook on quantum mechanics than it is to being what most would consider a religious text.
  9. OSx86 runs extremely well on my prescott hackintosh...very stable, no bugs that I've noticed, but I'd be lieing if I didn't say that it's far more worth running it on the real deal. I never would have admitted that until I bought a MBP a month ago though...it's breathtaking IMHO.
  10. I hope so...I love my new macbookP, but I'll be damned if anti-aliasing isnt screaming for me to install xp on it...
  11. aye ,thanks, thats wicked groovy...seems I keep messing it up though...something with the replacing the sysctl part I must be messing up
  12. Just curious if there is any way to tweak the x1600s in OS X, aside from when in a 3d environment, is there any way to control global aliasing, antistropics, and what not?I see there is an ATI control panel for the older cards, up through the x800...but none afterwards?
  13. fOZf8

    Buying Mac

    Indeed, any of the macbook pro's would do...the cheapest one is retail $2000. All 3 of the current models have the x1600 in them, but the 2nd and 3rd tier ones have 256mb of vram, where as the $2000 one only has 128. Possibly irrelevant, but not if you're gaming at all like you say. I bought the 2nd tier one refurbished direct from Apple for $2000 (that's $500 off!). Not sure where you are yourself, but the ONLY way I know of getting a refurb for cheaper than that, while keeping the factory warranty intact, is to get an employee discount from a retail distributor.
  14. I bought a Macbook Pro last week, wit primary intentions of running XP on it mostly...but I wanted a solid, no mess version of OSX running....hence the macbook. I've been running a Hacentosh since 10.4.4, and was ready for something I didn't need to root around in to get it to work smooth every new kernel release. Needless to say, OSX OWNS on this thing. XP is more the 'novelty' on here. Oh, it runs fine, and as fast as it should, at it's base, OSX isn't running any faster than XP with the multimedia apps I've been running on both OSes...BUT, it still just works way better. My only complaints are the lack of pageup/down keys and a Home key on the macbook. That and I still find it's far easier to look at a large windows directory than a large Mac directory...that will adjust eventually I'm sure.
  15. fOZf8

    Buying Mac

    I think the cheapest one you could buy that would run Wow smoothly would be the 2nd level iMac (17" with the x1600 in it). The gma950 might run Wow, but it'll look like garbage and run at probably 5fps. Going with 2gb of ram would be the smartest route for memory as well I have a macbook pro with the x1600, and it smokes anything I throw at it...but also costs a decent chunk more than the iMac.