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    Dropping VPN connection

    I was also using NordVPN... they have great features but speed is slow. That's why I also switched from NordVPN to Expressvpn. I know ExpressVPN provide lesser features compare to NordVPN especially in multi logins. And also bit expensive but No doubt ExpressVPN is really good VPN service and comes with great speed. I would recommend checking its product related details first. I found detailed analysis here Though there are other multiple sites analyzed the ExpressVPN product. I am sure no will face speed and connectivity related issues with Expressvpn at least. Good Day
  2. Its good Specific. But I think Nvidia GPU is better than AMD
  3. I play Critical Strike game online without download and also like to play this game.
  4. CarlSmith

    How to develop app like Ola?

    Agree with you friend I will also recommend the same infopluse company
  5. CarlSmith

    Macbook overheating and battery draining.

    Thanks, @PippoX0 friend for the suggestion its really knowledgeable guide.
  6. CarlSmith

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi, folks, I'm also new here