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    Can VPN security my computer from Viruses?

    VPNs do not directly protect against viruses, they help to keep you safe from other types of danger. You need to know that there are threats other than viruses endangering your online life. The thought of a hacker accessing and intercepting your data is enough to keep any Internet user awake. Antivirus such as Avast and Malware are the one's who can provide you ultimate protection. Even Avast has its built-in VPN feature.
  2. CarlSmith

    Dropping VPN connection

    I was also using NordVPN... they have great features but speed is slow. That's why I also switched from NordVPN to Expressvpn. I know ExpressVPN provide lesser features compare to NordVPN especially in multi logins. And also bit expensive but No doubt ExpressVPN is really good VPN service and comes with great speed. I would recommend checking its product-related details first. Though there are other multiple sites analyzed the ExpressVPN product. Norvpn, expressvpn and many others are now offering Black Friday vpn deals. do them as well. I am sure no will face speed and connectivity related issues with Expressvpn at least. Good Day
  3. Its good Specific. But I think Nvidia GPU is better than AMD
  4. I play Critical Strike game online without download and also like to play this game.
  5. CarlSmith

    How to develop app like Ola?

    Agree with you friend I will also recommend the same infopluse company
  6. CarlSmith

    Macbook overheating and battery draining.

    Thanks, @PippoX0 friend for the suggestion its really knowledgeable guide.
  7. CarlSmith

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi, folks, I'm also new here