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  1. Hello, thanks for the reply.. 1. Thanks for the article, I'll do later after fixing my clover config 2. Yeah, my Clover config is downloaded from rehabman all notebook config repository, I download config for intel HD 4000 1366x768.. If you recommend to build my own, can you link me the guide for building clover config from zero? (I'll build using Clover Configurator, but I'm confused with "what should I do " in ACPI section, maybe you have best walkthrough for building clover from scratch) 3. I put all my normal kexts (lilu, whatevergreen, etc.) in L/E (as I read the recommended kexts place for Mojave) sorry for bad English
  2. How to fix this? I want connect my laptop to my samsung tv (like I do in windows), but when I plug HDMI cable, it's nothing happen.. my notebook spec is in my signature.. There is my Clover.zip Thank you CLOVER.zip