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  1. AVI Help

    Greetings. I'm making a video work which I'm recording videos from The Sims 2. I used The Sims 2 for Windows and exported the videos as uncompressed AVI. I managed to make Quicktime and After Effects to read the files flawlessly, didn't have to install any plugin, codec etc... But I can't make Final Cut or Adobe Premiere to import them... Final Cut says some sort of unrecognized error, and Premiere says there is a codec missing... But if it was a codec problem I'd have problems to open those files on Quicktime and After Effects as well no? Well... I have to deliver this work in 2 days. I gave up and m using MPEG Streamer to convert the files to DV... Made a test with one and Final Cut red it. Dunno if the quality is going to get the same but...sigh... I don't have much time. Just for curiosity, have anyone here experienced this problem before? Any possible solution? Always having to convert is a bit of a bother... It would b great if I could make any video edition program in OS X to read those AVI files.
  2. MAC OS X 10.6 Full 64 bit

    Got it... Thanks a lot Embio. I guess the same. If it's that, just would like to add that a small part of the system is fully 64-bits yet... The majority of its programs are yet in 32.
  3. MAC OS X 10.6 Full 64 bit

    Greetings everyone... My 1st post here. Didn't find any introduction session or something like that so... I introduce myself with a doubt... hope it's in the right forum... I just installed Snow Leo in an external hard drive... it indeed looks faster. But I'm not sure if it's fully 64-bits... I mean, I opened the activity monitor and it points some applications as Intel and others as Intel 64-bits. Is it because it's yet in development? Or is it because of my MBP model? I have an intel core 2 duo and it's famous for being and not being 64-bits capable... the processor supports 64-bits but the memory addressing doesn't and blablabla... Also when I try to access some System Preferences functions it claims that to access that, System Preferences has to restart in 32-bits mode. I'd appreciate if someone could make it more clear for me