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  1. Can't be a scamsite, links you right to dell.com order form! Nice price
  2. Specifications Motherboard: Abit AS8-V CPU: Intel Pentium 4 521 (3GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 800FSB, LGA775) RAM: Crucial DDR PC2700 512MB SATA1: 160GB SATA Maxtor 7200rpm 16mb cache (Win XP) IDE1: 120GB IDE Samsung 7200rpm 8mb cache (OS X) IDE2: Pioneer DVD-R107 DVD-ReWriter 16x Sound: Onboard AC97 Graphics: nVidia GeForce FX 5200 AGP 8x Network: Onboard (unknown) Aquisition I aquired the JaS 10.4.6 patched install dvd through the mail from a friend telling me it works perfect and I should hurry and install. Initial Thoughts Having tried to install OS X 10.4.1 and 10.4.3 prieviously I found I absolutely couldn't boot the dvd and I had to install on vmware. It worked once but never again so I presumed that this wouldn't, however seing as my iPod is formatted for mac with 30gb music and I only have a PC i thought it would be worth a bash. I didn't bother to look into drivers or anything before install however I did setup the XP boot loader and use the chain0 file then I powered off, stuck in 2nd hdd in IDE and powered on. Installation from DVD It goes without saying I had to set the DVD-rom drive to boot before any HDD's. After doing this I booted with the disc in the drive and all was well, it started to boot and I saw the ever familiar grey screen with the apple logo and the spinning bar. I noticed no HDD or DVD activity and started to fear the worst, but after a few minutes left to it's own devices the dvd drive started reading and a further few minutes later Mac OS X installation was on the screen! I was amazed that it had even got that far so I proceeded through install. When it got to selecting the HDD I remembered that the HDD wasn't prepared at all, so I opened disk utility and made 2 partitons, 1 for main system, 1 for downloads. I formatted both as Mac OS X, Journaled, Case-Sensitive then returned to setup. It showed both and I chose the bigger then proceeded. Next major part of install is choosing the custom setup instead of easy setup. I soon saw the option for Maxxuus patches and selected those suitable for me (10.4.6 intel, intel sse2, intel sse3). Installation started which took around 15-20 minutes, much faster than I expected. It then wanted to reboot so I let it, but the comp hangs at this point so removal of power cable is necessary. First boot First boot came up and all went very very well! I saw the lovely grey apple logo and the spinning bar then it came up with the loading bar! Yay! After this I heard sound, I was amazed! The first time setup screen was up and it was all working great. After finishing that it took me in and all was good as far as network, audio, usb etc was concerned but my gfx wasn't right. I searched the forums right here for the NVDriver beta with installater and found it quickly, went through that and "Shut down" as it recommended. Shut down works! No hang and power cable removal needed! Booted back up and was slightly down to see the gfx still at 1024x768, but I went to system preferences and my card supports all its resolutions! Finishing touches / testing So by now I was pretty happy, my system seemed to be running great and it was even perhaps faster than windows xp! From my last experience I had found problems when letting the system sleep, hdd's sleep etc so I went to energy saver and disabled everything. Unfortunately I found the screen saver to run badly so I also disabled that. From there I went on to run system update, which works perfectly. I didn't select the OS X 10.4.7 update or quicktime (as I own QT6 pro i aint removing functionality) but selected everything else. Then I plugged in my ipod, itunes opens I agree to all the {censored} and it sees my ipod! Everything is working absolutely perfectly! Well it turns out the first error I had was actually Safari dying on this here website As soon as the post had finished and the file uploaded Safari ended, I tried re-opening but then it died again on this forum when I went to view my post! Solved that problem by installing Camino instead
  3. oh i have no doubts this will be a great little box but the price is still terrible, if i could have one imported i'd deffo buy it tho!
  4. I don't consider the $799 to be overpriced, considering I'm going to be paying just under $3,500 for my macbook pro. Edit: Right guys, seriously, don't tell me this is overpriced. As anyone in the UK will tell you otherwise. Having just checked on this we get the "lovely" BASE MODEL for an equally "lovely" $785.25! Let's upgrade, because let's face it, no-one wants no dvd-rw and a 60gig hdd! So we're still stuck with 512mb ram, but now it costs $1,047.83! Any takers? No i thought not. Jeez I wish apple would just sell their products for the same price!
  5. I saw this app used in a rails demo video and wouldn't mind aquiring it, problem is it doesn't mention a name anywhere. Anyone know of this? Click here to view full size.
  6. My opinion on OS X on the PC

    Your english is good man I'm really considering a Macbook Pro, but I want somewhere I can go and play with this before I splash out £1,999 :/ ya know? I also wanna know that apple's software is 100% tested and works amazingly with their intel based machines because 2 grand on a pc is only gonna be one I can use non stop for many years problem free. Anyone got here got one and can comment?
  7. Ok so I started off using the pre-made vmware 10.4.1 image and tried it out on my hdd (not in vmware, booted right in with chain0) and I loved the speed I got from it and my graphics, audio, network, everything worked! I thought great, so booted back my XP MCE 05 and continued downloading 10.4.3 patched dvd. Now I intended to just burn the dvd, pop it in, reboot, and install. It didn't quite work out that way, I was bombarded with please restart your computer messages. Using the vmware method I installed to my hdd, then I installed. Installer didn't finish on a successful note, it got as far as printer drivers then crapped out. I re-ran but it did the same again. I decided i'd boot in and at least try it, and to my disbelief it appears in complete working condition. I had to aquire the sound driver which seems to have been removed (AppleAC97Audio.kext) and install that, then onto xcode installation and complete Ruby, Rails, Lighttpd & MySQL installations were done. All appears to be working good. Also tried my hands on Firefox 1.0.5, VERY slow compared to Safari I have to say. So slow that I won't be using it (except for SSL pages that Safari can't view!? That's a disapointment). I've also installed a good few apps, like Dreamweaver (a little slower than on windows, but not bad), Photoshop (not ran it yet), FTPeel (an FTP client, seems good enough, pretty fast), iTunes update, DivX, MSN Messenger and tomorrow I'll give the office suite a try! So far I'm very impressed with how nicely it's running, really tempting me to buy a Macbook Pro! Also, if you're interested I've got a few screenshots (and I'll be posting lots more) right here at my website. The only problems I seem to have are: 1. When I turn on sometimes the starting up process does some weird things. It either craps out and stops when the black line is circling or the line keeps circling (and accessing the hdd) but nothing happens. I have to make a few attempts to get in. 2. When I leave my Mac-PC idle it sometimes hangs, but apparently not when I'm using it (which I guess is the most important thing!). 3. The screensaver is unberably slow, had to disable that. Note to self: Perhaps I need to find a graphics driver! All in all though, I'm pretty proud of my achievement
  8. 10.4.3 Gfx won't go above 1024x768

    If you're using 10.4.3 follow these steps: Navigate to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration Copy the file com.Apple.Boot.plist to the Desktop. Fire it open and make your changes. Drag it back into /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and accept any authentication boxes. Reboot! That's it! And i can confirm adding graphics mode to kernel flags works a treat Laters Edit:Aha you wish to get to the bootloader. Well when you fire open the file remember and replace timeout. Then when you're rebooting you'll see it come up and ask your for input. You press F8. Then you can find out commands by typing ?.
  9. If you can get your WiFi card working run software update and iTunes 6.0.3 will download and that runs
  10. 10.4.3 Gfx won't go above 1024x768

    Could i not modify it like so: <key>Kernel</key> <string>mach_kernel</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>"Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32"</string> to just boot in 1280x1024?
  11. Can someone PM me this link, it's exactly what i need! Edit: come to think of it, how can it be illegal to share drivers?!
  12. Hey guys, I've just installed 10.4.3 from the patched DVD and I can't change the resolution inside Mac OS, but before with 10.4.1 I could access the darwin boot loader and hit in "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32", but now that doesn't come up and it just goes straight to booting. When I'm inside I can't set the gfx to this, but when I set it to 1280x1024 at boot before it worked great. I'm using a TFT monitor so 1024x768 doesn't look good. Anyone any ideas how I could sort this? Perhaps editting the boot loader? I've never used a mac before so I've no idea what the best way would be.
  13. Does anyone have a download link for this? If you do please PM me! I'm running 10.4.1 and it's all good except for this SSE3 problem! iTunes i click, and it does nothing! I want my music!
  14. Installed, but non bootable!

    Sorry! I realised I can use Chain0 for dual booting with WinXP and got that working Pitty its running so craply!
  15. Hi all, I just installed Mac OS X on my P4 on my secondary hdd (IDE) but it doesn't appear to be bootable. Does anyone know how I can sort the boot sector? I installed using a live cd & img file not the cd so i'm stumped!