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    QE Dual/quad Displays Nvinject.kext for Leo 10.5.3 - 6

    NVIDIA 6200, 128 MB, FULL SUPPORT QE/CI THANK YOU SO MUCH! First i installed NVinstaller v41 then i downloaded your attatchement and finally my 6200 working like a charm! Im so happy:) My specs: osx86 leopard 10.5.7 iatkos Asus mb Nvidia 6200, 128 mb, AGP
  2. berkan

    ATI Radeon Installers

    Try second video connector! VGA or DVI The problem maybe is that the other port/connector is on but screen mirror is off so thats why one is dark. You could even connect two screens at once if you have that option? Try it out...
  3. berkan


    I first tested 1 & 2 channel in and out! Then i tested some random channels like 6-8 and after that i tested the spdif and everything is working for me except midi but that is not a problem, im using midiman midi usb interface for that purpose. Download the drivers and test it yourself, its worth it! If you are using the drivers later dont forget to donate money to the author(see my other topics!). Good luck!
  4. berkan

    m-audio delta audiophile 2496 drivers!

    The problem is that Apples internal(Not usb, firewire etc.) midi driver is closed and not open source driver. If we are to get the midi working some hacking will be needed! Im also running envy drivers and i dont care about the midi becourse i got the M-Audio midisport 2x2. Everything else work like charm included SPDIF! Dont forget to donate if you are using the Envy driver! See their homepage for info.
  5. MOST M-AUDIO Series sound card is WORKING by 3rd party driver! Go here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=186304
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    Check out this is your using m-audio: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=186486&hl=
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    Consider this link...

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    Consider this link...

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    Consider this link...

  10. paypal@audio-evolution.com http://www.audio-evolution.com/drivers/ All of us osx86 users with a M-Audio sound card needs to help now to give this great developer donations for gears and salary so he can continue the great dev. 64 bit developement is on its way but first we all need to contribute for success. Please! If you are using the Envy drivers for your M-Audio sound card donate some money now! The cost for you too sell your sound card is a lot higher than donate 50$ for this great working drivers. If we all help we can support further developement and get new features and bug fixes. Thank you for joining us all in this event! Note! Im not the author of the drivers and of course i already donated myself...
  11. berkan

    M-Audio AudioPhile 2496, pci soundcard

    No, midi currently NOT working. This is the only thing not working for me, everything else seem to work great on my Delta 1010. BTW I use M-Audio midisport 2x2 usb interface for midi instead.
  12. berkan

    Post your STUDIO SETUP.

    Home setup: OSX86 10.5.8 (See top in my signature) M-Audio Delta 1010 10 in/out Garageband (for now) 2 Midi keyboards 1 Fender 2 acoustic guitars Mobile setup: Macbook 13" 2,4Ghz M-Audio Fasttrack Pro USB 4 channels Garageband
  13. berkan


    Thats usefull information to know! Im sticking to my working setup of m-audio/osx86 10.5.8 for a while anyway:) My system is really stable now! (See my signature) Lets hope Davy get enough donates to go for the 64 bits developement.
  14. berkan

    MIDI Conducting

    Hi! Im not sure exactly what you mean but i use garageband on my mac with a lot of midi channels. So if you want to play a midi song its no problem. If you need real audio like microphones, guitars etc. you will need to have a good (professional) sound card. Here is a 4 in/out midi interface to give 64 in/out discrete midi channels: http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/MIDI...aryEdition.html I think this is the most cheapest advestment if your on a mac. Garageband is REALLY easy to understand and it comes with Ilife: http://www.apple.com/ilife/ Good luck and dont hesitate to ask more if you need!
  15. berkan

    M-Audio AudioPhile 2496, pci soundcard

    WORKING DRIVERS HERE: M-AUDIO SERIES! WORKING DRIVER HERE FOR M-audio PCI: • M-Audio Delta 44 (verified) • M-Audio Delta 66 (verified) • M-Audio Delta 410 (verified) • M-Audio Delta 2496 (verified) • M-Audio Delta 1010 (works for some) • M-Audio Delta 1010LT (verified) • Terratec Phase 88 / EWS88MT / TS88PCI (tested only on EWS88MT) • Terratec EWX2496 I tested on my M-audio Delta 1010 with box today and everything incl. SPDIF is working great on my osx86 v_7 10.5.8 system! Im submitting file for the above sound cards! Dont Forget to donate some money to this guy!!! http://www.audio-evolution.com/drivers/ Envy24.0.20.0.dmg