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  1. iAtkos L1 is Out

    Seems like a nice Lion distro, but unfortunately, it freezes during installation (3 Minutes remaining) on my M1530... Gotta try to boot it from an external HDD...
  2. I have got my laptop back Now I only gotta install Snow Kitty and I hope it will be possible to make the same kext for Snow Leopard. Just add something to the Plist... I might also try to fix the damn MAC address. Adam
  3. RT73 driver for snow leopard x64 is release :D

    Thanks. I still have got lying one of these around Finall , I can usefully use it. Adam
  4. MacHeist nanoBundle for FREE

    Same here No really essencial app... And most of this {censored} can be torrented anyway as SticMAC said and I'm generally a big pirate :DD Adam
  5. Superhai: Would it matter if you'd make a combined M1330/M1530 thread for Snow Kitty? It's a pain on the M1530s, too Kind of knowledge base. Would be great! Regards, Adam
  6. New Chameleon 2.0-RC3!

    Yeah-yeah-yeaaaah!!!!!!!!! Finally! Thx!
  7. ATM: installing Snow Kitty on the M1530 is NOT a good idea as it crashes DAMN often. It's plain unusable.I would suggest M1530 users to wait a while until there's a at least 10.6.1 or something like that. Till then, wait and enjoy Leopard... Adam P.S.: It's not even worth installing.Not yet.
  8. BUMP: I was on vacation and I'm somehow I haven't set up Snow Kitty ,yet. As soon as I'll get my laptop back from Dell, I'll release new kexts,as there seem to be some problems... Adam
  9. Show Your Connection Speed!

    Well, I ALWAYS use proxies : It's not that bad for a proxy..... My real connection is ATM 16 Mb/s. Ah...I love this proxy...anonymous and fast Adam
  10. Discussion of OSx86 Snow Leopard

    Yeah!!!! That's what we've been waiting for!!!! Adam
  11. Dear Andy, come on,please,make a nice update for this kernel. There are still many hackintoshers on Tiger and a last final update for this kernel to make it a bit better would be amazing. We love Tiger (at least I do,maybe I'm the only one....:DDDD) You like experiments,so it would be nice to see Tiger running on an i7... :DDDD No,anyway,it's really worth it. Regards, Adam
  12. Will you still buy the real deal?

    I actually wanted to buy a MBP,but I bought a XPS M1530 and I'm really happy that I bought that one as it's amazing and really everything works. Then,I wanted to buy an iMac,but now I'm clever enough and I'm going to buy a Hackintosh. Sorry Apple, your prices in good old Europa are NOT human at all! converted to US dollars : 1 678 USD for a basic iMac! In Germany it's still about 1550 USD. And then compare the "real" value of the hardware,ok,I know that the design is better,but paying this huge bunch of money just for design...no way. The only real Mac I bought is a 350 MHz AGP PowerMac G4 for some crazy experiments...
  13. Quicklook on Snow SUX.....

    Well, I SOMETIMES have got the same error... It sucks...but I am actually looking forward to SL. The performance is amazing (at least in X86_64 ) I got about 3170 points in Geekbanch with my XPS M1530 (2GHz T5800 ,4 GB DDR2-800 RAM, 8600M GT). This is a huge difference compared to 10.5.7.
  14. iATKOS v7 DVD 10.5.7 for Intel/AMD

    Seems to be good... Dunno if I should totally switch to this instead of my retail OS X. Anyway! uphuck! congrats! good work! Adam
  15. Hi Joseph Zhan, I decided to make an update even though 10.5.7 supports OOTB our 88E8040. There's still a reason to exist for this kext. I'll make it from scratch with all known (to me at least) working Device IDs and based upon the 9L16 kext. @who am i: I noticed there are many people with these "symtoms" or their device isn't even recognized! It should work as we've got the same laptop "XPS M1530" (great choice,indeed ) Give me a bit of time and I'll try to make a new revision of this driver... Adam