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  1. Generate a DSDT.aml file for your own motherboard.(There are different ways, I use ubuntu here, very simple) Patch the necessary sections for your original DSDT.aml with MaciASL (you can try copying the code from this post, just modified the framebuffer ,slot, device id sections to fit your MB). Im new to DSDT patching too, still figuring out which patch is necessary for the original DSDT files.
  2. After doing a lot research online(I'm new to hackintosh), there are four parts(just in this case) need to be modified to fit a different model of AMD card in DSDT. Available ports: I only use display port, will test it later, seems like relate to @0, name; @1, name; @2, name Framebuffer: orinoco for RX 570 with dp+hdmi+2dvi. As same as some RX 580 VRAM size: could not find in your code, probably not necessary here. (I might be wrong here) Device Id: 0xDF, 0x67. As same as RX 580 RX 570 works perfectly fine now without whatevergreen.
  3. Finally solve the problem with the default config.plist, it is so weird that usb 2.0 not functioning when I use both of your DSDT.aml and config.plist together. Now I'm using your DSDT.aml(no graphic one) with default config.plist and some necessary kext patches, everything works perfectly now, thanks again! Now I'm working on building SSDT file for usb port(It's not necessary, just in case), and still figuring out how can I modified your DSDT file to fit my 4gb RX 570 video card, I tried to google it but only found very limited resources about it. Anyway RX 570 works just fine with latest whatevergreen.
  4. Just update to 10.14.2, everything works fine except usb 2.0 and usb 3.0 port not functioning, the weird thing is usb 3.1 port works well. Really need help here.
  5. Amazing job, I'm using the exactly same motherboard with AMD RX570 and mojave 10.14.2, I'm still figuring out how to edit the DSDT.aml to support my graphic card. Thanks for your upload.