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  1. Hi, you are right I had to put back also the IOUSBMassStorageClass. I also have a Bluetooth problem. To have magic mouse to work had to roll back the IOBluetoothHIDDriver too
  2. I updated to 10.6.5 I had a big problem with USB... basically no USB was working anymore, included mouse and keyboard.. The only option was to connect the HDD to another mac. Ther I deleted the IOUSBFamily kext and manually copied the old one back. I reebooted and mouse and keyboard where working, but no External HDD or other USB equipment. The system told me that the kext wasn't installed properly. So i installed it back. Reboot All right now. ah.. you need to to reinstall also the AppleHDA kext... but we knew that...
  3. Thanks a lot for your replyonce again. I have 8gb of ram, so if I undestand well I might get kernel panics if I use lot of programs? didnt know about the 64bit option in get info. will do it now. so we have to wait for the proper applenforceata to tryout the 64bit kernel. thanks again Simone:)
  4. Hello, thanks a lot for your reply. I was thinking to try the Applenforceata of your braking news that could work. I think is the only third party not 64 bit. can you help me to double check? in about his mac, more info, software, extentions I have only this files with the NO under 64-bit intel applNorceATA.Anv BSDKernel6.0 IOKit6.0 Libkern6.0 Ispicdrv Mach6.0 System6.0 one more question and sorry to bother so much If I add the flag arch=x86_64 what happens if some kext is x86? it doesn't boot anymore or, boots in x86 mode? thanks a lot a really appreciate your work, is actually becaus of your effort that my main system is Snow Leo Simone
  5. Hello, tahnks a lot for your work. is amazing, clear and professional. I have my striker ii extreme runnig sl for few months now. what I was trying to do now is run in 64bit mode. I used the program 32- or 64-bit Kernel Startup Mode Selector http://www.ahatfullofsky.comuv.com/English...ms/SMS/SMS.html but it tells me that I have a 32bit efi. what should I do to change it to 64-bit? thanks in advance