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  1. hi apex, my computer is a GL503VM with a GTX 1060 how did u manage to solve the problem ? Man U give me a hand ?
  2. broadw3ll

    Nvidia backlight control on HP OMEN ce003na

    Actually I have use that solution from onejay09, I have also post there without answer so I'm now a little bit lost im gonna attach my run_me file if you can give it a check Send me Luis-MacBook-Pro.zip
  3. broadw3ll

    Nvidia backlight control on HP OMEN ce003na

    @styrian I have the same issue mine ¡s a Asus GL503vm with only Nvidia graphics I can't enable the brightness control I have tried a bunch of patches but I can't figure how to solve it
  4. Hello I have applied your patch to my dsdt but it just don't work I'm gonna attach my run_me files any help would be appreciate thanx for the help Send me Luiss-MacBook-Pro-2.zip @mail_hxm could you give it a check it seems @onejay09 it hasn't log here in a while