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    Lenovo B570

    I've discovered that my machine has the Broadcom wifi adapter in it. Any word on any of the USB wifi adapters working with Lion? Anybody seen any .kexts for them??
  2. brittonson

    Lenovo B570

    Hello. I have a desktop that I built currently running 10.6, which I did with an older iAtkos install. I was just given a new i3 B570 laptop and followed your guide in the initial post, using iAtkos L1 and Chameleon v2.1 svn 17xx. Install went beautifully, but during -v boot, I freeze at the power management line every time (it says that it times out and then I freeze). I downloaded your "power management" zip and copied that .kext into the system/library/extension folder and had the same result. Any clue what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! -Britton EDIT: Please disregard. I was able to copy the file to the HD using terminal and it works! Currently patching. Cheers!
  3. brittonson

    Install failure with Kalyway. Help?

    UPDATE: I ran the installer again without actually wiping it and it succeded. There were no errors on the install log. Then I rebooted my machine and i get a "System config file '/com.apple.Boot.plist' not found" message on a black screen. Any ideas?
  4. Ok, so I tried iAtkos2.0 and had no luck at all. Couldn't even get to the installer on my machine, although I could on my mother's. So I downloaded Kalyway to give it a shot. I boot with "cpus=1" and it works fine and puts me to the installer. I have tried formatting the HD to MBR, checked the MBR kernel, and had the installer run all the way through and then when I tried to boot I got a "b0 error" on a black screen and no boot. So I erased and formatted it to GUID in hopes for better luck. After 3 reboots during install, I decided to watch the installer log as it was going through to try and figure out what the problem was. It got all the way through the install this time, and everything looked really good/normal. Then as it was closing out the install, had already run all of the postinstall scripts and was trying to delete the install files such as "removing temporary directory "/Volumes/Untitled1/BaseSystem.pkg.131UC7eNH"", it then says could not remove that file and then "Install failed: The Installer encountered an unknown error that failed the install. Comtact the software manufacturer." Eventhough the GUI is telling me that the install was completed.