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  1. bxe

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    @goodguess I've done clear install, so that should be fine. System freezes are suddenly gone after few reboots, so it's really weird. But now I'm getting random graphic glitches (see picture attached), it is happening only in Firefox so maybe it's just its own problem. I'll probably try to install High Sierra instead as it seems to be more stable for now.
  2. bxe

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hi, first of all thanks to everyone keeping this alive. I recently upgraded to Mojave after having El Capitan installed for more than 2 years without any serious problems, but it was time to upgrade... Install went smooth but I'm having same issues with black screen as @tasteTheBacon . His solution to remove all configs and use default config.plist worked and now I can boot fine, but there are some problems: brightness adjustment doesn't work - I guess it will work with the 1600x900 mojave config.plist if the booting problem is fixed. I've also noticed that I'm sometimes getting system freezes for few seconds if I click on some items in the menu bar (Apple logo for example) or when I use Preview app or similar image viewers (Xee^3), it is very random and difficult to reproduce as it didn't happen during writing of this post when I tried to randomly click on items in the menu bar. Is anyone else having same problems? I might try to downgrade to High Sierra, but dark mode feature is great. Also my T420 configuration is: i5 2520M CPU, 1600x900 resolution, 16GB RAM if that helps. Edit: Now it froze completely and had to reboot when I tried to open video with Quicktime, also now I've noticed that I can move cursor around while it is frozen.