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  1. leo4all Freezes

    so, you tried leo4all v3...ive got the same problem when its installing.....try leo4all v2 ....worked fine for me, so just try
  2. Crash on Disk Erase...

    if youre running on xp you coud download transmac...its a made for getting acess on apple partitons or disks with windows .....with this tool you can format the disk or partition to apple ....then it should be possible to instal it....
  3. Need help With Kext Deletion!

    or install transmac, select the disc you installed it to and delte the files this way
  4. Register After Install?

    i have the same problem
  5. last steps....some final questions

    so i deleted everything containing nvidia or st like it with transmac..... i also did this with that characters file ,....hope the will fix it..... because of the sound: im using an asus m2n32 sli deluxe mobo....hope tht helps
  6. so, i installed leo4all on my external hdd finally! i only got a few questions left for u guys.... so, i wanted to install a driver for my nvidia 8600 gts...i took nvject.kext. version 41 (latest)....i rebooted and it did not wanted to boot with -v any more, the only way is to boot ito it in save mode....so how can i erase it from my system again??? another question: me stupid clicked on sth. i did not know and now its trying to open sth. called characters....the window pops up every 3 seconds...its just loading and the its dissapearing again....so how can i stop it from loading ??? finally my last question is how to get my sound working...which kext is the easiest for it?
  7. Installing without a disk or USB drive?

    leopard 10.5 flat image from thepiratebay.org intel only! you should have a external hdd for this....otherwise its sencelless
  8. at the moment this is only possible if you are running on an intel cpu..... you need the flat image from thepiratebay.org everyting elseis explaines in its describtion.....if you dont know how to doit in vista just google it.....
  9. Installing Kexts from windows

    GET yourself transmac.....this program allows you to add or delete data to the partition/hdd you installed it on......
  10. cant install help needed please

    did you make the partitionin the instaling utillitis? before u install you have to go to utillitys....diskmanager or sth...makeyour partition...its hpf+ or something like this....then you should be able to install
  11. Asus M2N ADI1988 Audio

    i gave it up now, too. for getting your network together you just need a cheap new pci network card and the tulip kext i think.... im now saving money on an original imac... in my opinion you shouldonly try to make your pc run on osx when you really got knowledge wit the things you have to do.... i personally dont have, so im goin to buy a real mac!
  12. getting my external back to life with xp

    gparted is only made for linux...i run on xp -.- is there any other program i could use for this? i already tried partition magic and the disk management...they both can se it but non of them is able to format it.....i need help!
  13. getting my external back to life with xp

    how can i install it? ther are only those files called configure and stuff schaould i run configure as a .bat?
  14. I tried to install leo 4 all on my xternal hdd.... the instalation was successfull...but afterwards i couldnt boot it up because it said something like unknown SIGSEGV code 0...so i would like to format the hdd again to use it with indows...partition magic ses the disk but it fails everytime i want to format it (whn booting up again it causes error 4 )....so my diskmanagement can see it , too but i cant format it with it....what schould i try?
  15. does that mean m cpu did not apply or something?