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  1. Hackintosh iTunes Activation

    thanks for the answer! I just googled it and if all my 5 computers are activated, I can deactivate them all via iTunes and begin activation from the beginning
  2. Hey, is it safe to activate a hackint0sh for drm content? What will happen if I reinstall my Hackintosh, will it be the same for the itunes account or will I have to sacrifice another of those 5 accounts you can activate...
  3. Hey everyone, I have formatted my HD into 2 Parts on my real mac (disk0s2 and disk0s3)... It has the GUID-Partition Table. Kalyway is on the first one (like a rescue box) and the second one is my main system, vanilla install. I used the OSX86Tools to install Charmeleon Bootloader on the firstone, everthings works fine. I can choose between both OS, but I want to have the second one to be the default one. I tried installing Charmeleon on the second one, setted that one active (cuz the FAQ said I would be default then), but nothing works.. any idea how to get that right? Thanks a lot!
  4. hey.. worked like a charm, except I first had to boot in safe mode (-x) and run EFIStudio for adding the right strings, after this... just perfect! Thanks a lot!!