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    [GUIDE] Lenovo T460 macOS with Clover

    Hi, I read your post and also https://octoperf.com/blog/2018/10/22/thinkpad-t460-how-to-install-macos/.I'm using T460s (i7 6600u/16g/512g SSD/HD 520).In others case, their screenshot of clover home screen, the first option is "boot macos install from install macos xxxxxxx", but my case is "start ueft shell 64", seems that clover does not recognize my macos disk partition.Then I try to use "start ueft shell 64", but it only shows black screen without any response.I already config the correct BIOS CONFIG, MACOS USB INSTALLER.The picture below is my macos USB installer, the first partition is EFI, the second is macos.So can you help me with this?Thanks a lot.