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    freezes shortly after startup

    Did your problem sort out? I am looking to install a free software on Mac 10.9.5. You told you were using paid software. Please tell me if the problem was fixed and how. I don't want to risk my money on paid services. Or at least suggest me which one to go for among these freebies. The one that is free and safe at the same time.
  2. andytim

    Dropping VPN connection

    I was reading this thread. I don't like PIA. And I agree that Nordvpn is great, gives satisfied connection but I am wondering why do you compare it with PIA. There are lots of good choices like Expressvpn and CyberGhost. You can either go for nordvpn or expressvpn, and rightfully you should compare these two. And if I had to choose one which gives stable connection for many scenarios, I would have chosen the services of Nordvpn.