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    Mac on Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p?

    Hey, this is weird as mine (same machine and also mojave) only seems to work with the VGA port but not displayport! I really wish I could use displayport as I just got a new tv that has no vga input and I want to use the M93p with it from displayport into HDMI but I cannot make this work so currently can't use it with this tv. Do you have any info please about how you made the displayport work on yours? My one has the integral disoplayport socket on the motherboard, and also second displayport via a header on the motherboard and second socket on the back. Neither seem to output from what I can tell, but maybe this is because I'm using an HDMI adaptor in the socket? If you can help I'd be really grateful but yeah, mine is only working with VGA currently which limits its usefulness. Thanks! Edit - Ok, having never used displayport on any of my previous machines I didn't realise it's only 'sort of' compatible with HDMI, so it might be working fine but I cannot test as I have no monitors/tvs that have a displayport input sadly. I've looked into it and ordered an active converter as I understand that 'should' be able to work with either of the displayport output types in order to give me the HDMI signal I need (assuming that it is actually working and outputting a signal through that socket).
  2. MrJoshua

    Mac on Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p?

    Well I succeeded in getting Mojave installed fairly easily but am having a bit of trouble getting the audio and ethernet working. Do any of you have details/steps of how you got these two things working on the M93P at all please? I'd love to finish sorting this since it's close now! I haven't tried to get its wifi working yet as I'm not sure what model of wifi card is installed in it, so I need to look up the spec of that. Thanks! Edit - pretty much all working now except the wifi, which I understand cannot work as it's an intel mini pcie card and there's no support for intel ones. Might look up what others might work but no rush. Ethernet WAS working but I had a bad cable it turns out so it was assigning itself an IP address 169... instead of obtaining a real one. Duh! Audio I fixed by downloading a "ALC283 Patched AppleHDA Version 2.6.0f1" kext and then used kext wizard to add it. Wasn't expecting it to work as I'd tried for ages but seems to have a couple of audio outputs now thankfully (although I've only actually tested the 3.5mm headphone jack currently). Sleep does not work currently (seems to just do nothing when you click the option in the menu), so it'd be nice to fix that but seeing as I have audio and ethernet that's the important stuff really.
  3. MrJoshua

    Mac on Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p?

    Hey guys i just got m93p tiny also with the i7 4765t and I’ve got Sierra installed on it but struggling to get the Ethernet and audio working. im not sure if you folks will be able to offer assistance because I found this topic after installing via another popular hackintosh method that involves a family of tools that I understand are not really discussed on here. millusions, would it be possible if you would be able to describe the particular os version you use and the methods you used for your installation & Kexts etc if it’s not too much trouble? I’m a little fed up of this ‘other method’ that I’ve used on previous hack builds as it always results in bother every time I have to upgrade anything and I get the impression the way it’s done here is often more stable, so I’d love to try arranging the same setup you have, assuming it doesn’t require a full on degree in rocket surgery of course! be very grateful indeed if you don’t mind sharing the process you used for your one, thanks very much.