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    Clover upgrade problem

    Hi, Sorry for my late response, I selected "install on ESP" and everything worked smooth Thanks !
  2. weskos69

    Clover upgrade problem

    EFI was mounted during all my tests. I have to empty the EFI trash ?
  3. weskos69

    Clover upgrade problem

    Hi, I want upgrade Clover with Clover Configurator but it seems doesn't work. I first updated Clover Configurator to last release. Then from "Install/Update Clover" section I found new clover release. I successfully updated Clover and restarted my hackintosh but it seems the new clover release is not loaded on hackintosh boot. Moreover when I search another time clover updates from Clover Configurator I still have the old one installed and the new release is still proposed I don’t know why. I tried several times, always same problem. Thank you for your help ! bootlog.txt
  4. Hi, I followed all your recommendations : I got ride useless kexts, I installed Whatevergreen and I used your config.plist Now everything work perfectly Thank you so much !
  5. Hi, I’m installing my first Hackintosh with following components : Gigabyte H370 HD3 (ALC887 audio) i7 8700 RX 580 I created my Clover bootable USB key with Mojave 10.14.2 I retrieved from a tutorial a « pre-packaged » EFI included some kexts not all usefull (and maybe incompatible ?). All components works very well except motherboard audio. On audio devices panel I can see my DisplayPort screen but not my motherboard audio. I have AppleALC et Lilu Kexts in other directory of my EFI, and I tested to inject recommended layout values for ALC887, audio still not working…. Please find in attachment my kexts content and my config.plist Thank you guys for your help ! config.plist