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    [GUIDE] Lenovo T460 macOS with Clover

    Thank! Really appreciate it and can't wait to install hackintosh on the T460!
  2. jamesy829

    [GUIDE] Lenovo T460 macOS with Clover

    Thanks @verleihnix for the link to the adapter and a picture of your laptop, I see it bulging out :) I think it looks very similar to the one I posted from eBay and AliExpress is cheaper so I'll order from it! Question about the original Apple WiFi BCM94360CS2, would this be ok? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Wireless-AC-Wifi-Bluetooth-Card-BCM94360CS2-For-MacBook-Air-13-A1465-A1466-GW/273112300004?hash=item3f96c2f9e4:g:iOAAAOSwn~JaqySc:rk:4:pf:0 Sorry for asking so many follow up questions!
  3. jamesy829

    [GUIDE] Lenovo T460 macOS with Clover

    Hey @verleihnix I would like to take your approach of using the original Apple WIFI BCM94360CS2, I found this on eBay - https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Wireless-AC-Wifi-Bluetooth-Card-BCM94360CS2-For-MacBook-Air-13-A1465-A1466-GW/273112300004?hash=item3f96c2f9e4:g:iOAAAOSwn~JaqySc:rk:4:pf:0 I was wondering if this works and what adapter are you referring to? Something like this - https://www.ebay.ca/itm/BCM94360CS2-Card-To-NGFF-M-2-Key-A-E-Adapter-For-Mac-OS-and-Hackintosh/391512537270?hash=item5b27f738b6:g:wIEAAOSw42JZGAtx:rk:2:pf:0 It says on the description it doesn't fit on laptop so I was not sure. Thanks!