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  1. Hi ROBASEFR/VirusX! Using this config.plist, are you able to boot the system without any further customizations in terms of kexts (aka are all the patches that are needed in the config file or do you also use some kexts in combination with this file)? Would also like to make the switch to Clover, but I'm a long time Chameleon user, also running on a GA-EX58-UD5 board. Maybe your config.plist could be a starting point . Specifically: I would like to know how you got sound working through Clover... I'm currently not finding any solution through Clover (I just wouldn't get ANY sound options in DP6, although I would get them up until DP4)
  2. Windows04

    OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    A completely functioning system in less than 2 hours on a developer preview, that's a new personal record for me Greetings from Belgium with a working OS X 10.9 Install! Yes! Install the 2 kexts that I've attached in this post. It's a modified AppleHDA kext from Mountain Lion and an HDAEnabler. An MBR patch is still in the works (I'm no expert in coding or something, so I can't help you with that) An simple install guide (with all the things you need) can be found in this topic: http://www.insanelym...-install-guide/ AppleHDA.kext.zip HDAEnabler1.kext.zip
  3. Windows04

    OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    Forgot to use a smbios.plist on my install usb, how stupid xD, thanks for the info! Installing Mavericks right now!
  4. Windows04

    OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    Thought I was already using the modified boot files by using Chameleon v2245, in post 36 from ErmaC, but will try modifying it myself
  5. Windows04

    OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    Well, this is a first for me... Anybody else experienced this? Have installed developer previews of lion en snow leopard in the past but never saw this message. GA-EX58-UD5 Intel Core i7-920 Radeon HD 4870 Used the newest chameleon build (with support for os x 10.9 boot), fakesmc, nullcpupm, applertl1869 kexts (internet pulled out before booting into installer, just in case).
  6. Robasefr, can you confirm this Asus U3S6 working well with the ga-ex58-ud5? I have a Fusion Drive setup right now with the SSD connected to the 3GB/s ports on the ga-ex58-ud5, would like a little speed boost PS: Do you know if the USB 3.0 ports also work with this card (if you give OS X the right drivers ofcourse... although now that macs support USB 3.0 natively...) PPS: Already did a bit of research... seems that SSD's attached to this card can't be a boot drive... can you confirm that?
  7. Windows04

    Fusion Drive [how to]

    Well, did these step, created my Fusion Drive successfully... But unable to boot from it... Seems to be a graphics problem. When I boot with -v, everything seems to load successfully, but it stays in verbose mode (no graphics/login windows = graphics driver problem). Using a Radeon HD 4870, always used GraphicsEnabler=Yes... Anyone else experienced this problem?
  8. Allright, thanks , will do that .
  9. Hi there, Well installed Mountain Lion today, runs smooth (as was the installation using the script!). While installing the bootloader, I noticed the update option, but I have been unable to update the chameleon bootloader. Xcode is installed (with the command line tools) and I already redownloaded the script twice. But when I try to update bootloaders, I get the error "Unable to access server" at chameleon and "Unable to retrieve link" with Chimera (see screenshot attached, I already compiled the latest version of chameleon myself -> option 2). Could the problem be because the chameleon buildbot is offline?
  10. OMG can't wait for this feature . Will certainly speed up my Mac OS X installs.
  11. Sounds like a solution to me! How exactly did you setup a hybrid MBR
  12. A little bit off-topic, but am using this script and the ga-ex58-ud5 board. Has anyone had any luck dual booting a windows 8 CP and lion on the same drive (ssd) using the script and ErmaC bootloader? The weird thing is that I have got it to work on a normal HDD, but it seems ssds need to be treated differently or something... Installed Lion first, made sure that was working (ErmaC bootloader) Installed Windows afterwards (on another partition on the same ssd)... Booted into another Lion install (on another drive, a normal HDD) and reinstalled the ErmaC bootloader onto the Lion/Windows SSD, made the lion partition active. From this point on, the windows option won't show up anymore in Chameleon and I'm unable to mount the windows drive in Lion... Ideas?
  13. The weird thing is that I have been able to pull this off on a normal HDD... Weird.. It seems like ssds maybe handle bootloaders different?
  14. Hi, Having some problems dual booting windows 8 and os x lion on the same 120gb ssd. I first installed Lion, then installed Windows 8, reinstalled the chameleon bootloader onto the ssd, but then the problems begin. The windows drive doesn't even show up as an option anymore on my chameleon boot screen and I am also unable to mount it in my Lion install... Anyone any suggestions?
  15. Hi There, Was wondering if anyone was using a SSD in this system and could tell me about the performance... There are only SATA2 connectors on this board (I think, not really sure actually) which could lowerthe performance of an SSD drive. Anyone with experience on this?