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  1. Processor Question

    Why is it always seem like it is under full load. I only hear it this loud when im playing games or 3d things in windows. On OS X its always like this even when idle.
  2. Theres a program that worked greatly for me. I also made a mistake and lost everything and didn't have backups. I lost movies pictures music files documents and this program got everything back. Recover My Files is what it is called.
  3. Whenever i use OSX and then boot back into windows the clock on the bottom always has a different time thats not correct. OSX always has the correct time. Is there a little hack or something to fix this and does anyone else experience this problem.
  4. Theres no seeds. I even tired Demonoid and it goes slow. I would rather download the full install dvd than the patch.
  5. I have 10.4.5 and i got it about a month ago. IM not sure if 10.4.6 came out. When i go to the apple store and click on osx they show the latest version being at 10.4.3. how could this be when I have 10.4.5
  6. If you already have a SSE3 processor would having a SSE2 patch make OSX go slower? I used an install disc that had the pacth and i don't know if there was an option to opt it out.
  7. Safari chrashes on some sites

    When i used 10.4.1 it worked perfectly. Now whenever flash things come up it crashes. Ill check out camino. Tried FF and it went slow as hell.
  8. I dont know why but on many sites it chrashes. IM using 10.4.5 and even if i try to open using rosetta it still does the same thing.
  9. Aftermath of 10.4.5 installation

    Thank you very much. I just reinstalled becuase of the security update and Im going to ge fix the letters
  10. I installed the 10.4.4 disc with the 10.4.5 update on it and it boots up and everything works great. I see that i dont need the appleac97audio.kext anymore. A few questions though. How do i like get rid of the booting letters and all that stuff? When i had 10.4.1 installed i didnt see any of the stuff and i tired the quiet boot option in the tips and tricks but i still saw it. Is there a way to get rid of it an replace it with the apple logo and the little circle? Also the software update came up and it said like security update (Intel) 002. I dont think i should install it becuause it could mess up my installation. Did anyone try that. Well thats like all the problems i have with it now. Im enjoying the rest.
  11. Latest OS X Version

    Well now im using 10.4.1 and i got it from an install cd that installed very easilt and came with the patches. It did it all by itself and it worked straight away. I want to get a newer version and heard about 10.4.5 but i don't know how to get it. I know from torrents and such but i would have no idea of how to get it to run since this one worked right away. Is there like a 10.4.4 version or 10.4.5 version that would also work right away. I don't know if you could post torrents.
  12. iTunes never launches

    i cant believe how fast the os x gets out dated. I hate the deadmoo image becuase i could never get it to work. So i get the install disk even thugh it was old.
  13. iTunes never launches

    i downloaded the generic install dvd and itunes works with the version it comes with but if i try to update it to like 6.0.3 it never starts up. the version that comes on the install is 4.8. i tried to update to 5 and it works but anything more doesnt.