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  1. Hi thanks for the advice created a vanilla installer using current erm setup and the whole thing spring to life full acceleration and hdmi audio also no kext injection or anything just needed to put clover on and was good to go. so complete success system i7-8700k asus rog strix z370-H gaming 16gb DDR4 2400mhz Msi Amd rx480 8gb gaming liqid cooling 128gb x 2 (dual boot) ssd & 3tb HDD Thsnks again.
  2. Will do I was trying dam thing kept crashing 3m before the the end I’ll get back to you once I’ve found out what’s causing that and got it installed vanilla style saying that that was a mojave install and not high Sierra
  3. Hope this is correct m8, i really appreceate this as its been driving me nuts for 2 days lol CLOVER.zip
  4. Just wanted to add it loads into high Sierra just no video acceleration
  5. How can upload the folder how do I omit the serials I’m a OS X noob sorry lol
  6. Hi there I’ve tried every guide I can find and I’ve tried editing the kext themselves to add the Id’s installed whatevergreen and so forth seen the following image in boot up