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  1. I'm on High Sierra 10.13.6.I've tried getting iMessage to work, but I just can't figure it out.I'm hoping someone here could help me out.I've set up the SMBIOS with 13,2.I've tried an invalid serial number, with the board s/n with it +5 random numbers/letters.I've also tried wtih a 6,2 configuration. No luck.I've tried it with a valid serial number I found on the web, just to test - didn't work.On a separate attempt, I added configurations to the RT Variables, still no luck.I added a ROM number based off my uuid and added the MLB. Also added the booterconfig - 0x28 and csractive 0x3 and the other one (i believe it was 67?)I have an emulated NVRAM set up, and I've tried clearing it and deleting the nvram.plist.I've tried signing in with a Macbook Pro, and I was successful. So I don't think my Apple ID is the issue. Unless they block specific hardware.I get the customer code error for iMessage.My ethernet port is at en0. Built in.I've tried multiple different guides, including the idiots guide for imessage.If there are any other details you need me to provide, please let me know. I've been stuck on the Contact customer support with the customer code screen and I've tried calling them to activate it and nothing happened.Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! System Specs ASRock z77 Extreme4 i5 3570k High Sierra 10.13.6