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  1. Optical drive making "boot" sound frequently

    I had the same experience in snow leopard... but now in lion i don't experience this nice humming sound ;-) Or i am just ignoring it because of the smoothness of the OS...Wait... Aaaaah!!!! There it was again!!!!!! But yes, i really wanna know what is going on there... I think its a check for new discs, maybe in the iMacs the optical drive does the same, but its very quiet.... Who has a real solution? Please help us! It is really ugly.
  2. yeah! You are right! This is Why i'm switching step by step from Pc to mac. I bought an Ipod Touch and à mac mini, but a mac pro is too expensive 4 me. Apple should rule the world! Peace
  3. Thats what I mentioned, but i just removed any 32 bit kext, tried booting with '-x64' and now i can feel a big difference! I think this installation of OSX SL on my PC was easier than the previous Installation of 10.5 And its really faster with the 64 bit Kernel! ITunes opens in 3/4 of the time than it did before, for example. Mail is like: Klick, its there(!!!), and I only have a GA EP35-DS3 + C2D 2,53GHz + NV8500GT + SATA Drives +few Kexts +VoodooHDA everything 64bit, and it costs less than a MacMINI, but has the power of a PRO... Could Apple try to make it more accessible for PC users? to kill Microsoft?? nobody knows... Well, I'm Happy!!! :-D C'Ya (All Kexts and instructions will be posted in another Forum in a few days!)
  4. Quicktime 7.6.2 & iTunes 8.2 Update

    Also heres everythings fine with 10.5.7 and my GA-EP35-DS3, 2 GB RAM, and NV 8500GT. Only the Podcasts won't work! I cannot download Podcasts since iTunes 8.2 ...and why did I buy a new Ipod Touch? Without Podcasts.... :-( I can use the Appstore or download Music, but Podcast downloading is impossible... Has anyone some answers for me please??? Lookingson ______________________________________ Don't just fart. Fart, and smile!
  5. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    Photoshop CS2 works fine; Need for Speed Underground doesnt work good, because of the crappy graphics card... ATTENTION: iLife '08 works fine, but: BE SURE TO BACKUP ALL KEXTS BEFORE INSTALLING!!! After install the Hackmac won't boot until started with option -x and restored the kexts. You can make any update, but be sure to have a proper system running, before backing up the kexts! One step after the other... Every App worked fine yet, with 10.5.4 on the Hackbook Acer Extensa 5620Z! Thanks for the good support in this forum!
  6. Partial Shutdown

    so i think this is an extensions problem... got too much work this time, gotta try to solve this next week or later... maybe we can work together? (yes, i know that we do so) this hackintosh works nearly fine! only the wifi and the shutdown. acer extensa 5620z... anyone got this model with working wifi?...
  7. Partial Shutdown

    I have got the same Problem. My Girlfriend made a normal shutdown, but the Computer stayed on all night long. Tried some different extensions, but nothing worked yet. This Problem occurred after updating to 10.5.4, so this isnt a hardware thing. Thanx, lookingson ___________________________________________________________ "How am I not myself?" ...
  8. Realtek ALC 268 WORKING

    Thanx Man! It also works on the Acer Extensa 5620z with 10.5.4! Wow, I nearly got a MacBook... only Wlan, but maybe in some weeks... good luck!
  9. OSX 10.5.3 Extensa 5620z Prebuilt? Y Manufacturer: Acer Model: Extensa 5620Z Install Methods summary: Leo4allv3 partitioned as MBR, EFI v8 + Vanilla Kernel kalyway update 10.5.3 (also Apple Update to 10.5.4 works) Motherboard: Intel Manufacturer: Audio: Works out of the box LAN/Wlan Not Working!!! - only USB Dongle helps... SATA & IDE: Works out of the box Processor Processor Model:Intel T2310 Speed:1,46 GHz Recognized as what in System Profiler: Intel C2D Video Card : Intel X3100 All resolutions available? Wireless/Wired Card (Hell, no it isnt working! Please Help! Atheros Card) Sound all working _______________________ I got the Problem, that I cannot get the Wifi working... I tried with 10.4.5 kexts, but nothing helps. Also tried 10.5.4 Update, works fine, everything works but the wifi... atheros AR6EG... 168c:001c would be nice if someone could help Thanx Lookingson