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  1. HP Z600 Dual Xeon Workstation

    Well now I'm getting a Kernel panic on first reboot.. I used "beast" program to do some supposed Easy setup but now the Kernel panic is sating .com.apple.driver.appleintelCPUPowerManagement something or other.. Whoops.. can't get into safe mode either.. Looks like install #6 comin up.
  2. I have seen some forum posts about this machine and i just picked one up from MicroCenter for $399, and i figured i would put my installation issues/diary here for others to follow and perhaps help. So far what i have done.. Bought a 4 port SATA Card (Marvell Based) Disconnected all the SATA Drives (1 1TB HDD, 1 DVDRW). The system came with an ATI FirePro V3800, and i had no success in playing with it, so i saw on the "Good" list an EVGA GeForce 650, so i picked one up and I can already tell in the install the resolutions are right.. (Im writing this after my 4th install, just catching up). Basically up to this point i have not had to take out any Ram (6GB), I have 32 more GB in waiting, and i have not had to disable any cores on either Xeon. I downloaded Mavericks from the apple store on my macbook, created the bootable USB, and Installed it thru that [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] program. I get to a desktop after install/setup, and thats where its a guessing game for me. I have read of these "kexts" which I'm guessing are drivers etc like in windows, and that [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] program to install them, but I am unsure of which i need. USB Seems to be working fine in this safe mode.. So is networking. I am unsure of sound as of yet. There is that [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] program that i loaded, but I'm kinda unsure at what I'm looking at, and this is the 4th errr 5th attempt at this (first with the geforce card), so i must be selecting something wrong, or leaving something out. Ill update in a bit, perhaps someone who has another z600 can chime in. TIA.
  3. HFS+ / b0 error on Boot - External USB Drive

    Ummm No, i like a pc better where i get @#@ for Free. I will try the bootloader, tho i have bootit NG on the laptop.. I think the bios in this one is just not usb bootable even tho it lists the device as one i can boot from.
  4. Laptop: Alienware m5790 Core 2 t7400 4 gig Ram Booting to: 300 gig External Drive, mac osx only. Using a bios revision i got it looks like i can finally boot to the usb drive, but i keep getting HFS+ Partition errors.. I have formatted the drive (it lists it as deive0) its the only thing on it.. I have tried GUID and MBR.. It is set to AF and is active.. and i still get the error.. This is using Kalyway 10.5.2. Any help is greatly appreciated...
  5. Another VAIO user, that has sound, networking (wired) and Display workingon EXTERNAL just fine.. Everything is peachy... Except i cant get the LCD Internal Display to work.. Model VGN-FS660, GeForce 6200go 128 Meg I have 1680x1050 res, w/ QE/CI on External Display working excellent.. I hope someone finds an answer for the internal displays..
  6. I have read and searched thru the topics for the last 3 hours and i havent come across many things but i am not sure so im posting asking for assistance. I have the Kalyway dvd, and i want to install it on a 30 gig secondary partition on my Alienware laptop.. I have: HDD 1 - XP (100 gig) HDD 2 - Vista Ultimate (60 gig) HDD 2 - OSX Fat32 Ready (30 gig) I am using BootitNG as my multi boot manager. Problem is the Via VT6421 SATA/RAID controller is not seen once again (as it wasnt with the 10.4.x releases).. Is there been any workaround to this? I have tried with previous builds booting to an external drive but the alienware is so Bios locked it doesnt really work.. I have vista booting on the secondary drive with no problem, as was Ubuntu Linux (which i wiped out for Mac).. I appreciate all replies. FYI: System Specs Core2 T7400 2 Gig Ram Ati x1900 Mobility 256
  7. LaptopDisplay

    Ok i have a sony vaio laptop with a Geforce 6200 Go in it and i get the External Display working Perfectly with all that QI crapola whatever it is working, full accelerations.. using that Geforce Installer pack i found in the forums... But I can not get the laptop display to work at all using the laptipdisplay.kext and NvidiaEFI. I even tried the paperclip thingy to no avail.. I get the white screen, plug in my enternal dell 20" monitor and it works perfectly.. Any further on this? Can i help in any way?
  8. Sony Vaio *WORKING* Now need Video Help

    OK i installed a geforce universal one, and it only works on the external monitor connected to the laptop, not on the laptop lcd itself... Guess im gonn ahave to play around with this thing. Even tho i dunno how.
  9. Hi everyone.. I have spent the last 3 hours searching and reading all things i dont understand. I have Excellent pc skills, but its just that PC.. I am new to the Mac. I have the 10.4.8 JAS running and operating on my Sony Vaio VGN-FS660 Laptop.. Pentium-M 1.73 SSE2 1.0 Gig Ram GeForce Go 6200 128 Turbo The video is in standard 1024x768 basic vesa. I tried installing (and successfully did im amazed) the titan.kext melarchy, but it doesnt show on the laptop display.. All i get is a large White screen.. It shows on the enternal monitor perfectly (and its definatley accelerated...) I know there are a few "packages" and such, but which is best to work with the geforce go 6200 i have? And how do i put it in? I tried the wiki and all these posts, but some are so advanced knowledge of Linux type commands i dont understand them. Any help is appreciated.. PS - My sound also works fine and so does my network connection! My wireless not yet tho..
  10. I have an alienware m5790 and have had my wits end trying to make it work with Nothing happenin.. I have tried booting off an external SATA drive, External PATA drive, USB Key, off the internal Via6421 (using BootitNG)... Nothing.. The key is that damn Via raid controller.. Someone (with more smarts then me) has to be able to make an installtion for that damn controller.. Its killin alot of us with Unreal Machines! My laptop is a core2Duo t7400 (2.16 4M) 2 Gig Ram Ati X1900 256
  11. usb external drive question....

    I got mine to boot off the usb a really dumb way.. I booted off the mac cd and hit f8... got to a prompt and typed: mach_kernel -v rd=disk1s1 (the # of your drive and the partition #).. It boots, but i get the dreaded "Waiting on Root Device" error.. Now im using a SATA Drive in an enternal USB Enclosure... I am gonna try an IDE drive an external enclosure right now and see how it goes.. But also note, this is a REALLY crappy way to get around the boot from USB trouble i am having. Who the hell wants to do this every time?
  12. usb external drive question....

    There are instructions in the Wiki, but i followed them , and even tho i set my usb drive to boot in my laptop, it wont boot to it. I cant even get Bootit NG to see it right and boot. I been doin it for a week.. Plus no one is really responding to help me here, thell tell u to "Search".. Except you CANT search for "USB" cause its only 3 letters, so i tried "External Boot" and everything, and im getting no where.
  13. Installing on External USB Drive - Help Needed

    I didnt see an option in the mac disk utility for "MBR or GUID", just wipe the drive and create an OSX Journalized Partition? I looked in options ( i will look again).. Also since im already using Bootit NG I cant use another boot loader, unless that bootloader would load off the external drive, but thats moot since i cant get it to Boot off the external drive to begin with??
  14. I have searched for 2 days, let me breakdown my problem. I posted 2 days ago asking for help with my alienware laptop, and to no avail i never got a single response (I was unaware of the rampant sata issues out there).. so after finding that out, I decided to try installing on a 250 gig External USB 2.0 drive. My setup is as follows: Alienware m5790 Notebook Core 2 Duo T7400 2 gig Ram 2 - 100 gig SATA Drives on a Via6421 Raid Controller ATI x1900 mobile PhoenixBios Western Digital 250 Gig Sata Drive in USB 2.0 External Enclosure Bootit NG 1.81 1 drive has XP, other drive has Vista/30 gig free for other os (the internal sata's). I plug in the external drive into the laptop, the Bios sees it as a 250 gig "USB KEY" which is weird... but i digress. I am able to boot to the mac osx DVD fine, i go into the disk utility menu, and i can partition the drive with no problem. Install runs straight thru with no problem either.. THe problem is , after the install it WONT boot of the usb drive. Bootit NG wont see the drive as a bootable option, even tho the bios does. When i change the boot order in the bios, it looks like it skips over the drive and boots to either the cd or the internal drives. Now i had partitioned the whole 250 gig drive as a mac osx (journalized) parition.. I didnt see anything for MBR, but i will lok again.. I just am looking for some assistance so when i get home I can continue my work. Thanks everyone.
  15. Same here, I have an alienware m5790 with the same via controller and no HDD support.. I have 2 100 gig drives connected to it running xp and vista (using bootit ng).. I dont want to use an external drive if i dont have too.