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  1. Sapphire HD5770 second monitor resolution

    Hi guys:-) I am here from 2008,and i make a Hackintosh these years which works 'till now...nowadays things are changed and i am started as a total NOOB:-) Now i completed new (old) maschine with Sapphire Radeon 5770 which has DVI, HDMI and Display port out.... Basically everything works fine because i find right DSDT file, i have ML 10.8.5 installed but....and the goddess of fortune was with me at this moment:-) and of course one friend from Zagreb who help me a lot with some advices:-) THX to him a lot:-) When i boot normally i have a fine correct scaled resolution on main monitor (1920x1200) and it is fine but on Toshiba TV 50" (second monitor) connected on HDMI output in HDMI splitter i have a max resolution of 720p or a little bit more 1360x768...and it is recognized as TOSHIBA TV On this HDMI splitter i have a 2 Toshiba TV in two rooms...on PC installation everything works fine... When i start with AtiConfig=Vervet i have a lot more resolutions higher than 1920x1080 on second monitor but it is recognised as VGA monitor and of cource card cannot start in this resolution and allow me to set max 1280x720....when i try to set 1920x1080 or higher it always returns me on first resolution.... If i start with AtiConfig=Baboon i see only a small part of second screen on both monitors:-) and i cannot do nothing.... Mobo: Gigabyte GAX38 DQ6, Sapphire Radeon 5770, 8 GB DDR2 Any suggestion for this problem maybe? THX in advance....
  2. Hi everyone:-) I am old Hackintosh boy but i assembled last one on Asus P5B in 2008 i think or 2009..doesn't matter....it was not easy at this time:-) ....and i work with it till yesterday...and he was gone ....RIP:-)) Now i have Retail Snow Leopard and Gigabyte mobo GAX38 DQ6 and Radeon HD 5770 FleX graphic card...RME Hamerfall HDSP 9652 audio card I try o install it with Empire EFI bootloader but graphic is not working ( i have only 1024x576) resolution and quite wrong recomended hardware ( Intel Xeon instead of Intel Quad core etc etc...) only the network adatper working fine.... The most important thing is that i need support for dual screen video.... Is there any suggestions to fix this computer? I really need it for serious job...i must replace my old Hack with this one and now i have a problem... Any suggestion will be appreciated... THX in advance....
  3. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Hi, please tell me does tv out work at Yours PowerHack??? It's wery important to me. If works, please tell me how, if not, please tell me why if You know. THX