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  1. Sucesses with JaS 10.4.6...

    I have a perfect working solution of 10.4.5, but for some reason Jas's release of the 10.4.6 install just wont work. It boots, but the system only appears to half load. Ive done it twice now, upgrade and fresh install.... The system as i say loads ok, but the CPU runs at full load and Finder is really unstable. Not sure where its going {censored} up....... maybe the ISO was corrupt downloading....
  2. Pimp My Mac(tel)

    come on kids! there must be more modders out there! I wanna see pro mods, ghetto modds, all of em!
  3. Usin 10.4.5 - the HCL shows only the DWL-G520 working which uses a different chip.... the + model is a TI ACX111 chip..... I know there is a lot of discussion regarding this topic, and was wondering if anyone had made any progress... Cheers!
  4. Erm, if u already have macosx_10.4.3_8f1111_for_dtk_userdvd.patched, then you dont need to go through the steps you did... burn it, boot, install... If you have compatible hardware, you should be able to install natively. I would also recommend, installing 10.4.5, there is a fully patched (a few of them now) DVD ISO's around various torrent sites now.... good luck.
  5. did as per the orginal instructions, and works like a charm! As a side note, you need to be logged on as root, or su root in console and edit manally using Pico or such......or you cant write to the info file.
  6. Building the PERFECT Apple PC > > >

    ^^ Hes right... Officially the mobo supports up to the 600 series processors only and celeron D...
  7. Pimp My Mac(tel)

    Thought I might start a thread to show off your boxes running OS X. Mine here, poor images, cause I used phone camera in a poorly lit room... I will post some more once I grab my house mates digicam Specs: (see sig) - added new case, a cold cathode, and some LED fans.... I have to do a little cable management, but i rang out of cable ties!
  8. Building the PERFECT Apple PC > > >

    The D915GEV looks to have 2 PCI-e and 1xPCI-e x16 slot judging from the pic? Intel® Desktop Board D915GEV Features Features Benefits Form Factor ATX (12.00 inches by 9.60 inches [304.80 mm by 243.84 mm]) Processor Supports Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor Extreme Edition (LGA775 socket with 800 MHz system bus) Supports Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor supporting Hyper-Threading Technology† (LGA775 socket with 533/800 MHz system bus) Supports Intel® Celeron® D Processor (LGA775 socket with 533 MHz system bus) View complete list of supported processors Memory Four DDR2 SDRAM DIMM sockets Support for DDR2 533 MHz or DDR2 400 MHz DIMMs Support for up to 4 GB of system memory Chipsets Intel® 915G Chipset I/O Control LPC Bus I/O controller Audio Intel® High Definition Audio subsystem using the Realtek ALC860 audio codec* Video Intel® GMA 900 onboard graphics subsystem LAN Support The board provides one of the following: Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbits/sec) LAN subsystem using the Marvel Yukon* 88E8050 PCI Express* Gigabit Ethernet Controller 10/100 Mbits/sec LAN subsystem using the Intel® 82562EZ Platform LAN Connect (PLC) device Peripheral Interfaces Eight USB 2.0 ports One serial port One parallel port Four Serial ATA interfaces One parallel ATA IDE interface with UDMA 33, ATA-66/100 support One diskette drive interface PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports Expansion Capabilities Four PCI Conventional* bus add-in card connectors (SMBus routed to PCI Conventional bus connector 2) Two PCI Express* x1 bus add-in card connectors One PCI Express* x16 bus add-in card connector Technologies Intel® Precision Cooling Technology
  9. Can i install OSx86 in my PC ?

    Its important to realise it takes a little understanding of a computer to install OS X on unsupported machines... I suspect it will be hard to install an OS X driver without installing OS X first
  10. Can i install OSx86 in my PC ?

    Short answer is yes. Fully functional - possibly not. Esp with SBlive! you might need to search around for drivers. The 6800 GFX card will not work properly, however there is a project for OS X nVidia drivers, and I suggest you try googling 'macvidia' and i think there are also beta drivers kicking around too. Also check this thread: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?sh...&hl=nvidia+beta
  11. My Success at x86 OSX

    im running os x 10.4.5 at 1600x1200
  12. Please help on sound problem.

    you may need to copy a new sound drivers (KEXT) for the 845 chipset. check out the info in here http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...4.4#Sound_Cards
  13. What´s bad?

    I think that SiS {censored}set is your problem....
  14. Some Laptop BIOS's are evil. Is there an updated BIOS available for the laptop? You know what sticker on the laptop that says "Designed for WindowsXP" often a portion of the BIOS is actually dedicated to just that... supporting XP. There maybe certian features in the BIOS that need turning off, like some USB features... also, make the Plug and Play OS installed feature to OFF, as with all *nix / BSD based systems, they like this feature off to manage IRQ's themselves....