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  1. Hey guys, I have a problem with the discrete graphics in a dual boot Hackintosh Mojave and Windows 10 setup. I must specify that it is a laptop with Nvidia GeForce GT730M. I disabled the discrete graphics in Hackintosh succesfully using DSDT patching, but it's not working in Windows. But it wasn't working neither before i did the DSDT patching. In Windows it is detected, but with an exclamation mark in Device Manager. In properties it says error Code 43. I got it to work by booting with the Windows EFI Boot Manager but it is not a solution, because then i'm not able to boot into hackintosh without the usb installer and renaming the boot-mgfw over again. I tried to boot with Inject Nvidia on Clover boot, but no luck. I am out of ideas. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Please also note that everything else works in both Hackintosh and Windows 10. Thank you very much!
  2. Yeah, tried that, but no luck. Windows is searching for drivers and then installs the newest driver succesfully, but nothing changes. It still has the yellow exclamation sign, and the same error code. In the Nvidia Control Panel the card appears as Disabled, and when i press the "Connect Gpu" button nothing happens. I have no new ideas.