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    [HELP] DSDT Error While Compiling

    Thank You!
  2. ajfxdpewt

    [HELP] DSDT Error While Compiling

    Hello, Thanks for Responding, I am using latest version of iasl, But I don't know where the compiled DSDT saves, is it the same folder as dsl file? And what about these Warnings, is it Preventing from compiling because I can't see the Compiled DSDT.aml file. I am getting same Compiler Summery as Yours. Sorry for my idiot questions...
  3. ajfxdpewt

    [HELP] DSDT Error While Compiling

    Hi there, I'm fairly new to patching DSDTs & I'm having some trouble with DSDT. Can anyone help me here? I have attached Freshly Extracted Origin Files Below. Thanks in Advance origin.zip