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    Clover USB Won't Boot

    After a full day, here's where I am: 1. Created a Clover USB boot loader in windows, still nothing loading. I ask myself, "what has changed since when it was working?" Oh yes, I was running older versions of Clover from 2014 & 2015. So in Windows I created another bootloaded with Clover from 2017, boots perfect. 2. Now I created another Mojave installer loading various versions of Clover settling with 4522 to where the USB installer launches and works. Perfect. 3. Once in Mojave installer, I now select my SSD which has my broken Mojave loaded and run disk utilities to format it GUID. 4. Big trouble in little hackintosh world! Disk Utilities takes a good 15 min, I know something is wrong. At the end it fails and said something like "could not format, met end of block". I reboot into Mojave installer and there is a 2.1 GB partition (my SSD is 120 GB). I run Terminal diskutil eraseDisk "Sucks" disk1 It can't unmount. I see there are now 25 new disks all unnamed. I run diskutil force unmount for each disk successfully but it still won't unmount the main disk. Says PID 0 prohibited (that's the kernal). I take SSD out, try putting it in a USB hardrive tray reader, nothing. Now when I boot, that SSD freezes up my BIOS. I can't even get past the BIOS logo. So when I boot, I unplug it, then boot, start Clover, then plug it in, Clover freezes. Help?
  2. Mattbatt

    Clover USB Won't Boot

    After BIOS says "Verifying DMI Pool Data" Clover gives a .6 /boot command, screen changes and now all I see is the underscore character _ at the top left of the screen.
  3. Mattbatt

    Clover USB Won't Boot

    Hi millusions, Yes I used CarbonCopy on Mavericks before doing any upgrade. It was bootable. The USB installer was bootable. Mojave was working but then I jacked that. Somehow installing the latest Clover on my working Mojave caused everything to break (I had my Mavericks boot disk mounted when I ran Clover installer. Maybe that messed it up as well). Basically I have the BIOS screen, Clover boot loader starts and there is a _ at the top left of the screen which usually blinks a few times and then the screen changes to grey and the Clover version comes up. Well now it is just _ at the top left of the screen. No blinking on USB or hardrives. BIOS wasn't changed since everything was working...
  4. Mattbatt

    Clover USB Won't Boot

    First post, thank you all for any help offered. I am coming from a certain commercialized hackintosh community - after seeing such amazing vanilla installs and reading of the talent here, I decided to have a go at not using such software methods. And I immediately got myself into a predicament BACKSTORY I successfully upgraded from Mavericks to Mojave 10.14.2 but decided to start over and do a clean install because my Vega Frontier was not playing OOB even with Lilu & whatevergreen - and there was a lot of 'code junk' Clover barfed at boot from this 'commercialized software'. SUCCESS I created Mojave USB installer from scratch using the latest Clover, it worked fine, got me to the Mojave install screen. PROBLEM For reasons unknown to me, I decided for one last ditch effort to see if I could get my already installed Mojave playing nicer - instead of starting over clean. So I installed the latest Clover on my Mojave SSD, (it had a Clover version YEARS ago when I last installed Mavericks) and I replaced the EFI file with the kexts and config of my USB EFI file because I figured, since the USB installer launched, it was all good to go. Now nothing boots after BIOS. Not my Mavericks drive, Mojave SSD, nor my USB Mojave Installer. They all hang right where Clover usually launches. I look at my USB lights and nothing flashes... The only drive I can use is Windows 8.1 (my testing environment) and not from Clover. That's just booting windows up without any HD's plugged in. Is there a way to rescue my predicament? I don't have another Mac computer and CloverConfig only runs on Mac. Is there a way to fix the USB from Windows? Thanks! Specs: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 rev. 2.0, FC BIOS, i7-980x, Vega64 Frontier Edition, Nvidia GTX480, 24 GB 1333 RAM, SSD + various hardrives