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  1. BadAxe2 & Snow: State of the Build

    Update #2: Now running 10.6.7. Only hassle was I had to add pmVersion=21 to com.apple.boot.plist and revert AppleACPIPlatform.kext to v 1.3.2 from 10.6.5. Everything working now as before.
  2. 10.6.7 Update released

    I saw a hint in another thread and fixed this myself. I pulled AppleACPIPlatform.kext v 1.3.2 from a backup (I think it was from 10.6.5), and replaced the current v 1.3.5. Now sleep works with the 10.6.6 sleepenabler and pmVersion=21 in my com.apple.boot.plist. I don't like having hacks in the System Extensions folder, but I'd rather have sleep working than avoid this discomfort.
  3. 10.6.7 Update released

    pmVersion=21 causes a kernel panic on boot from AppleACPIPlatform.kext, with any sleepenabler (I tried the 10.6.x, 10.6.5, and 10.6.6 versions of sleepenabler). pmVersion=0 allows me to boot OK, but of course no wake from sleep. Any ideas what to do about this? 64Bit on a BadAxe2, vanilla kernel, voodooHDA in /S/L/E, and AHCIPortInjector.kext, Disabler.kext, fakesmc.kext, IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext, OpenHaltRestart.kext, and PlatformUUID.kext in /Extra. Otherwise all good, and sleep was working fine with 10.6.6.
  4. BadAxe2 & Snow: State of the Build

    Here's my state - update: now running 10.6.6 vanilla in 64bit mode. Boot issue disappeared, boots normally now with startup options. Still running same Chameleon version - it ain't broke so I don't want to mess around with it. I don't know when the boot issue cleared up - it might have been when I upgraded my graphics card to nVidia 9500 GT from a 7300, or somewhere else along the way. Anyway, it's a perfect system except for Marvell SATA, but I don't need more drives so that's OK.
  5. BadAxe2 & Snow: State of the Build

    Here's my state (10.6.4, 32-bit): Marvell not working. Onboard audio works with VoodooHDA 0.2.61 - don't know about input, just using the output, but input shows up in Sound pref pane so it probably works. I got this build from Project OS X. But you have to put VoodooHDA in Sys/Lib/Exts because it doesn't work in Extra. Otherwise this OS is perfect. Don't know about 64bit, haven't tried it (incompatible with my VMWare Fusion version). There are some funny things, however: 1) Using Chameleon-2.0-RC4-r684 manual install; Chameleon-2.0-RC2-r640 package hangs. 2) Still using PC_EFI V10.1, later ones don't work (won't boot). 3) No startup options via keystroke - will hang. I have to choose disk via bios, and set startup flags in com.apple.Boot.plist. 4) I'm running Pro Tools M-Powered 8.0.3 with an M-Audio Transit interface. Works perfectly, but: if I rebuild my kext cache (for example to try a new kext), Digidal will cause a kernel panic on boot. I have to remove it, rebuild the cache again, and then re-install Pro Tools and it all works again. I don't get it. Digi must be doing something non-standard with this kext and it's not actually loading into the cache when its installed. All in all, this is a great system. I sat on the fence a long time running perfect 10.5.8, decided to finally move up to Snow. I'm happy enough, the downside is minimal.
  6. Snow Leopard on Bad Axe 2

    Thanks, but there's no "enable" for PATA in the Bad Axe 2 BIOS setup. The only IDE/ATA options are "Native" and "Legacy". Mine was set to "Native" so I tried "Legacy" but got the same result. I don't have any PATA devices, all SATA. What's in the myHack installer that's different from what I've got by manually installing Chameleon v2 RC4 with Netkas' PCEFI 10.1 boot file? BTW I've tried later (and earlier) versions of Netkas' boot file (like 10.3, 10.5 and 9) and none of them work at all - spinning cursor or several lines of "boot" this and that followed by a freeze. All versions of Chameleon v2 get me booted into Snow with Netkas 10.1, so the problem is only with Chameleon, it's got nothing to do with kexts or whatever else. Changes to my Boot.plist file are recognized (like changing theme or kernel flags) so there's nothing wrong with that.
  7. Snow Leopard on Bad Axe 2

    Chameleon 2 quirk (Bad Axe 2 Quad 6600): I've tried Cham 2 rc 1, 2, and 4 with PCEFI 10.1. I can boot Snow OK, but I don't get any startup options. When the bootloader shows "press any key" and I press a key, I get a freeze - nothing happens at all, have to reboot. If I do nothing and let the timeout pass it boots normally. My workaround to access startup options is to set kernel flags in Boot.plist (I always boot verbose anyway). Anybody else have this, or know something about it? Is there some BIOS thing I need to do, or use an SMBIOS plist, which I'm not doing? (I updated the BIOS to the latest, and it shows as BX97520J.86A.2838.2008.0903.1859 in System Profiler). On my 10.5.8 system (separate HD on the same machine) I'm using Chameon 1/PCEFI v9 with no issues.
  8. I posted this on the MSI Wind forum because that's the machine I did this with, so I'll just give the link to that for details: http://forums.msiwind.net/post120706.html#p120706. What may be of more general interest is that the principle - cloning a working Mac-hardware install to a Hackintosh - is valid and will work for other Hackintosh hardware. Basically this is a shortcut of the retail install process, using an already installed and configured system and bringing along all the apps, prefs, and user files in one fell swoop. The process in essence is to use Disk Utility running on the real Mac to clone the Mac-hardware partition, then install EFI and kexts on the cloned drive, then put the cloned drive in the Hackintosh and boot from a retail or other DVD and run Terminal to do what else is required like fix ownership and permissions, then boot the Hackintosh normally and do whatever else (if anything) is needed at that point.
  9. I posted on the other thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1167110
  10. I started with Kalyway 10.5.2, and have moved through every update with advice from this site and others - netkas.org, primarily. The biggest change was going up to 10.5.6, which was some extra work with dsdt patch and a move to Chameleon; see http://netkas.org/?p=78. Going to 10.5.7 I used the delta update, but downloaded it rather than using software update. I think that if you are on 10.5.2 you could use the combo updater and Netkas' guide to go to 10.5.6, then the delta update to 10.5.7.
  11. 10.5.7 Everything working - see my post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1159274
  12. 10.5.7 Everything works (Stereo Audio I/O, Marvell ports) on my BadAxe2. Here are some hard-earned secrets: Marvell SATA: You need to download this file: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=23352. That contains a modified plist from Guedes Jr on a weaksauce thread. Weaksauce says he abandoned his project and refers over to this teamscream thread. But here you won't find the what you need to get Marvell ports working, which I found only after diligent digging. Audio: Assuming you've got it going by downloading this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=37097, after upgrading to 10.5.7 you have to restore AppleHDA.kext from the one you had working. The updater replaces the contents of the plug-ins directory inside this extension. This fooled me at first because the mod date on the extension itself was not changed by the update, even though its contents had been altered. I used "show package contents" on a hunch and found the issue this way.
  13. "Image checksum error, sorry..." I was getting this with every attempt to use various ISO kits, with a number of downloaded ISOs that I burned, and with any modifications I made to the eventually successful ISO I found, which was one created for a Dell MINI, which at least booted. But I wanted to install my own set of kexts (for my Intel Bad Axe 2). I hacked for hours, downloaded and compiled mkisofs and tried that. (I think it may be because I'm already running 10.5.6 or something - I'm just getting ready for Snow Leopard, there's nothing wrong with my present install). Anyway, I finally gave up trying to make an ISO in OS X. I downloaded MagicISO to my VMWare Fusion install, copied over the files created from one of the kits, and built the ISO under Windows. All you have to do is select the isolinux.bin file as the boot image. I copied the resulting ISO back to the OS X side an burned it with Toast (8). Bingo.
  14. 10.5.6 perfect here: Intel BadAxe2 board, q6600 quad overclocked to 3.31GHz. Originally Kalyway 10.5.2, updated to Kalyway 10.5.3 and then with software update to 10.5.5. Latest update procedure: installed Bootloader PC EFI v9/aka Chameleon; then DSDT patcher; installed the IntelCPUPMDisabler.kext; rebooted to see all still OK; installed 10.5.6 update from delta .dmg file; rebooted; Time Machine & Audio broken; fixed Time Machine with UInstaller_1.2 Ethernet patch; fixed audio as before with AppleHDAPatcher_v1.16. CPU shows as 4GHz in System Profiler, instead of 2.4. No other apparent oddities. Fusion, Pro Tools 7, Digital Performer 6, Sibelius 5, Office 2004, Final Cut Express, Photoshop Elements 6, and all other apps work as expected.
  15. Thank you! Worked for me. I used my last Time Machine backup to get the kexts - I used Time Machine to fix Time Machine.