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  1. I use thermaltake core v1 and miniitx board and I have one PCIe slot in which I have a wifi adapter card. I would have to change the MOBO and case. then I could use the GPU. Maybe it would be good with another CPU? with HD4600, e.g. i3-43XX ??
  2. Thank you for your help and commitment Unfortunately, your system did not want to run with your config. It started when I turned off the Intel Inject, but there is absolutely no graphics acceleration. On my config, regardless of whether I type IntelGFX, ig-platform-id, Inject Intel, the graphics work, but there is still a problem with the preview. You probably are right that the graphics do not work 100%. According to what guide should I try to patch 4400 in Mojave? Unfortunately I have no place on the GPU in my case, so I have to run Intel :((((((((
  3. Preview issue : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QemQrYo2-_0&feature=youtu.be When I try to boot with your config I got a "failed to get apfs volume key bag, err = 2"
  4. No, I don't use FV2, so you sugest that i can remove some drivers form drivers64uefi? Now i'm using SMBIOS - iMac14,2
  5. Yes. I did clean installations from the scratch with WhateverGreen ;( This is my config.plist file
  6. Hello! I still do not have a working preview. I tried NoVPAJpeg and changed smbios. does anyone have any idea how to fix it? Intel Core i3 4150 Intel HD 4400 macOS Mojave