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  1. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Did anyone else find it impossible to unscrew the screw holding the Atheros wireless card in place? No matter how much strength I used, it wouldn't budge, and I nearly stripped the screw in the process. Needless to say, I'm pretty pissed now. What good is installing OS X if I can't get a supported wireless card into the damn thing?
  2. Most apps fit on a 1024x600 screen, with the exception of some. As for OS X specific problems, I've heard Photo Booth doesn't fit on the screen entirely, but I have no need for it.
  3. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Well I've got a bootable USB drive with XP on it, so if I totally mess something up then I can just reinstall from that. I have all of my stuff backed up, so no worries there. I've got a patched 10.5.6 NC10 ISO ready to go. I would've installed last night but it was a long day at work so I went to bed! I'll give it a go tonight.
  4. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Yeah, I just realized, when I installed my custom XP ISO, I blew away all of the partitions, including the recovery partition. This means I'm pretty much screwed now, right? I can't install OS X without the recovery partition, right? Ah, {censored}
  5. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Yeah I'm not interested in anything with a VIA CPU in it. Personally I'm hoping Samsung does something with NVIDIA's Ion thing.
  6. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Honestly, if we could all be using the same properly patched and up-to-date 10.5.6 NC 10 ISO, it would be really good. If Mysticus uploads his 1.5GB 10.5.6 PPF, I'll patch the JaS 10.5.6 ISO and seed it via the Pirate Bay. Just downloading that would save people some time.
  7. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    You could always host it as a torrent at the Pirate Bay.
  8. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    I received my NC10 the other day. Installed a custom XP I made by making a bootable USB drive. Great little machine! I'm still waiting on my 1490, as well as Mysticus' updated patch. I'm also a little busy with work at the moment but hopefully I'll be able to install OS X after the new year and help any way I can. Keep it up, Mysticus. You're the NC10 OS X hero.
  9. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Well I went ahead and ordered a white NC10 from NewEgg today. 15% off today if you pay using PayPal! I'll be ordering a 2 gig stick of Crucial RAM and a Dell 1490 wifi card soon, too. Mysticus, you recommend the 1490 over the 1390, correct?
  10. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    I'll be ordering a white NC10 on Tuesday. This thread is partly why I've chosen the NC10 over other netbooks. Here's to hoping we've got a fully working NC10osx86.iso before too long!
  11. Wow, is the NC10's screen really that bad? I'm about to buy one and your comments bother me. Does anyone else with an NC10 find the screen grainy? It seems like everyone has a different opinion on screen quality. Some people think the NC10 is really good, some people say the Wind's screen is really good, and others say the Eee 1000's screen is really good. I wish I had a way to compare them all myself in person, but it's not possible
  12. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    You are a god amongst men.
  13. I don't really understand why people are trying to argue that the Wind is more compatible with OS X than the NC10 is. Of course the Wind is more compatible, at the moment. The Wind has been out longer and the Wind/OSX86 communities have had more time to iron out the quirks. Pretty soon it will be the same for the NC10. Both the Wind and NC10 need scripts to switch between speakers/headphones. Hopefully a driver will be written for the NC10's LAN, but until then the Wind has a slight advantage here (how many people really use the LAN regularly on their netbook anyway?). Until a driver is written, NC10 owners who need to use LAN for whatever reason can pick up an Apple USB adapter for USD$29. So, as has been said, it really comes down to which machine's design you like more. How important is battery life for you? Which screen do you like better? Which keyboard do you like better? As for overclocking, I don't really see its presence or lack of presence an issue. Netbooks aren't supposed to be powerful machines, and overclocking lowers battery life. It would be nice if the NC10 had it as a feature though, for momentary boosts when you need it. I'm holding off on buying a netbook until the Wind U120 comes out. I'm interested in seeing how it'll compare to the NC10. Also, as I'm in America, I'm also waiting for the black NC10 to be released here (WHERE THE HELL IS IT, SAMSUNG?!). I get the feeling I'll be going with the NC10, however.
  14. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Wow, progress is moving at breakneck speed. Big thanks to Mysticus for all of this, plus the people testing his work. Hopefully I can get an NC10 soon and learn how all of this stuff is done so I can help create an extremely streamlined ISO for the NC10 with as many things working out of the box as possible. The quicker and easier it is to install OS X on the NC10, the better. Then the NC10 can be a real Macbook Nano.
  15. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    What are the chances that someone could put together a custom ISO for the NC10, like the ISO made for the Wind? Something that could streamline and simplify the process (no need for external keyboard/mouse, etc) would be great.