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  1. I am also struggling to get to the install screen. I can boot from the UEFI usb and it reaches VoodooPS2Mouse: After a few seconds the screen gets garbled with the prohibited sign. I can see that it was trying to get the root device. I am attaching my DSDT to this post for help from /CLOVER/Extra folder. Is this in the right place? DSDT.aml DumpLog.txt
  2. macadventure

    DSDT editor and patcher

    I used the DSDTEditor for Windows. There were lots of errors. Even after clicking fix errors there were 5 errors left and I could not find patches for my mobo GA-H81M-S and CPU Pentium (R) G3240 @3.10GHz. I am still struggling to get to the installer??? I saved the DSDT.aml to /Extra folder on USB. I am attaching my dsdt.aml for help dsdt.aml
  3. macadventure

    Installation of High Sierra

    Yes after install the distro got updated to the next version like from 10.12.3 to 10.12.6 and it does use clover as the bootloader only it does not boot from the hdd but from the usb
  4. macadventure

    Installation of High Sierra

    I managed to get the distro installed after searching. It was a cpu issue. But now after install, I can’t boot into my hac, after code suddenly the screen gives bsod even the the computer is on. So it seems a display setting needs to be done. Is that possible from clover?
  5. I have followed this guide and was successful in installing Sierra to PC after two weeks of searching this forum and the net. I have this cpu. Since this guide says to change it to your cpu, just to check, has any one done it on G3240? My system is up and running. I have issue with : proper resolution of monitor which may require nvidia driver for GeForce 710 1GB DDR3 card.
  6. macadventure

    Gigabyte H81M-S El Capitan Installation Help

    @hackintosher Did you manage to install on this mobo? I have the same mobo. I have installed Sierra 10.12.3 on the same mobo with pentium cpu (see signature)
  7. macadventure

    Installation of High Sierra

    Because I don't have a Mac I am attempting to get a hack. That is why I am here for help. I think you are right about getting help with my distro from the provider.
  8. macadventure

    Installation of High Sierra

    I am in India. I managed to order ML from the App Store via my iPad. But it does not give me a link to download the OS since I don't have a mac. Can you or someone you know help me get my OS from the App Store?
  9. macadventure

    Installation of High Sierra

    On choosing to boot in safe mode the PC hangs at System model name: iMac14,2 On choosing the first option the PC reboots automatically
  10. macadventure

    Installation of High Sierra

    I think I have Enoch r2848
  11. macadventure

    Installation of High Sierra

    First of all thank you for your reply. Since I am new to hackintosh I don't know how to post my CLOVER folder minus serials. No I do not have access to a hack or real Mac. Clover got installed via the *.dmg file I burned to SD card via TransMac.
  12. macadventure

    Installation of High Sierra

    Hello, I am new to hackintosh. I have High Sierra on bootable memory chip 16GB with the help of TransMac. I get the boot screen with options to boot but on choosing to go ahead the screen goes into verbose mode and then stalls at a certain point. Actually the PC hangs and I cannot use my keyboard to get a screenshot. I do have a photo of it though. What config do I need to change, to be able to install onto a partition of HDD? My System is : Mobo: GA-H81M-S (rev 1.0); Nvidia GeForce 710 1GB DDR3 (with VGA, HDMI and DVI-D ports), I have connected my monitor (ASUS VP228H) to the HDMI port; 6GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM; SSD 120GB with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit; Western Digital 1TB with two partitions (with old Windows 7 Pro 64-bit installation); Western Digital 500GB with two partitions and Windows 10 Pro 32-bit on the first partition. I want to install to the second partition of this HDD.