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  1. After following a few other guides from TonyMac and Hackintosher (with some success but black screen issues). I was able to get this working fine on an Optiplex 780 just by downloading the associated files and following the instructions. I updated the firmware to allow the max 16GB RAM. My graphics card is an Nvidia Quad 420 and I didn't need to use web drivers or anything. On clover boot all i needed to do was inject nvidia and it recognized my card and everything just worked. Four beautiful screens and no lagging at all. Thanks so much for posting this, it sure saved me a ton of time! I do have one issue though i'm not quite sure how to address. The startup volume I'm using involves two SSD drives in a RAID 0 (which boots extremely fast of course). I created this using the RAID Utility before installing High Sierra on it. The only problem is i'm not sure how to move my USB boot flash EFI partition to the raided SSD EFI partition because it still sees a separate EFI partition for each SSD and not one striped together, why? I tried copying the EFI over to both SSD EFI partitions and installed clover to the High Sierra startup drive the same as I did for the USB installer but on boot without the USB flash there is no recognized startup disk... it so I'm stuck still having to boot off of the USB flash drive for now until I figure this out or someone points me in the right direction. What can I do to get that raided EFI working? Has anyone done what I'm doing? What I was thinking is that maybe I need to mount both EFI partitions and run the RAID Utility again and see if it can turns it into a single stripped partition and try to copy the EFI over after that. If anyone has a better idea let me know. Thanks in advance, you all rock! :)