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  1. i5/i7 & Optimus Update

    If I had a new Z in-hand, i'd be using boot-132 method with a retail disc to see if i could get things going I know getting wireless to work will be an issue (Z has an Intel card i believe?) and Im not sure about getting the video kext working. (hopefully it'll just work once you install the latest OSX update - released with the new i5/i7 MBPs)
  2. I'm wondering what the latest update means for the optimus hackintosh community. Has anyone tried installing this on their optimus notebook yet? I'm very curious if they new Vaio Z will become a good hackintosh platform now that the i5/i7 MBPs have a very similar hardware spec to the Z. I know from previous threads, that the Vaio Z was a nightmare. (even older versions) Has anyone experimented with this yet? :-)
  3. Just to confirm, the x300 w/ Intel X3100 graphics will load with QE/CI support? Also, I very much appreciate this how-to. I'm looking at picking up an x300 as the hardware seems to be a pretty good match for osx.
  4. Dell M4400 (E6500) MAC OSX 10.6.2

    I am also curious about this.. we're you able to get your FX770 fully functioning?
  5. I know this subjects been beaten to death, but has anyone actually gotten sleep to work on their m1530? I've tried using every DSDT (including brett's) and have absolutely everything working, except for sleep. My computer completely reboots if i try to put it to sleep! I've tried using newer (10.6.2 & .3) sleepenabler.kext & a slew of other things i've found via search. All of these options either make my computer unbootable, or don't fix the problem. Anyone have any success with sleep? Thanks
  6. Follow this guide for your Dell.. The boot-132 method worked perfectly on my m1530. (Guide specifies 1525, but it won't matter as nothing is specific to that model) http://macyourpc.com/2009/09/13/mac-os-x-1...oot-132-method/
  7. Input Remapper future

    Oh my, this thread just made my day! If you could create a program to control the fans, (especially on the new unibody macbook pros) I know SO many people that would be your best friend forever :pirate2: Many people would even pay a few dollars for such an app!
  8. Not sure if updates are still being pushed out.. but i would love to have just the fan control as well. I don't use the remapping function at all, it just causes keyboard issues for me. Hopefully your still working on this software..
  9. Just the fan control?

    My Co-Workers and I wish there was just a fan control program as well. We all only use this program to control fans, nothing else. Since we have no need to remap keys, the remapping function is more of a pain than anything else. If you could have an option when installing the program, of only installing the fan control, that would be amazing!