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    IntelHD3000 - ML - White tint Internal Display

    Have you guys got things worked out in the period of 6 years? I have the same problem with NT530U3B-A5H.
  2. check if you have InjectKext/Detect in config.plist. all 3rd party kexts are to be installed in l/e for you to keep track of them. other is only for installation and recovery, does not make the system boot faster, does not show you if the kexts are in error, so you only need to have fake/virtualsmc, input device kext, (lilu and whatevergreen if you want recovery/installation to use graphics acceleration for faster operations) because to my understanding, recovery and installation does not use kext caches(correct me if im wrong). Detect option as i understand is like this: if kexts are detected in s/l/e or l/e then not injected via other, if not detected in s/l/e or l/e, then injected via other. that being said, put io80211 in s/l/e and injector and fixup in l/e and fix permission and rebuild caches. if you update, you need to replace io80211 again. if still does not work, restore what you have done with wifi, and see if the error still pops up. if it does, delete network preferences plists(search please). its best for you to buy a broadcom module. it's not that expensive. in my case i can't only because the ar9565 chip is soldered.
  3. Put corresponding kexts in /s/l/e for the easy way. replace io80211family.kext. put the wifi card to use by injecting the correct boot flag in clover/config.plist. if 9485 then -ath9485, if 9565 -ath9565, if 946x no need to apply anything. if it works try putting the injector, fixup and lilu in /l/e. can you guys please check if airdrop and bluetooth function correctly?
  4. works for me on 10.14.3, but no airdrop. don't know what i'm doing wrong.
  5. displhehynehym

    Qualcomm Atheros AR9565 Wireless for OS X 10.8 - 10.14

    wifi works but not airdrop on 10.14.3. any news?
  6. displhehynehym

    Hackintool v2.5.5

    My screen turns black if I don't have EDID injection in Graphics/EDID or Devices/Properties/PciRoot~ AAPL,override-no-edid(no-connect). I was wondering if Hackintool would do something, so with EDID injected, I ran this app and have installed the exported kext/DisplayVendorID folder separately, but I still get a black screen without EDID injection in clover. Is Hackintool incompatible with manually injected edid? Am I missing something?