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  1. GoodGUI is a frontend for Cowering's GoodTools, http://www.allgoodthings.us/. Version 2 was written in C++ using the Qt application and UI framework. For Windows users nothing is new from the .net version and some items may have been stripped out. Hopefully Linux & OS X users will find this app useful. I've posted GoodGUI 2.0 final builds for Windows, Linux and OS X at http://polarz.home.mchsi.com/GoodGUI/ GoodGUI uses Wine to execute the GoodTools. I'm having an issue that I believe is related to Wine or X11. When files are moved to a different directory the output stream from the GoodTool constantly loops after the last file is moved. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas as to what is causing this problem I'd greatly appreciate a reply. I do not have any issues with Wine in linux. My posts are isolated to the New Users Lounge as I don't have enough posts to put this in the virtualization forum. Best regards, polarz