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  1. any success on INTEL DQ35JO mobo?

    Hi, Kizwan. Something strange happen but in a good way its been more than a month I didn't try to install but today I just try to do it again after reading that you manage to install with no problem and now its works ! not sure what the different of my last month setting and today setting. is it because of I just change my DVD-RW drive to sata version (pioneer) or something else. my setup are DQ35JO and 7300GT, SATA DVD_RW and SATA HDD. I still set ATA/IDE mode to 'Native' and still working fine. Now trying to make the 7300GT works (currently my max display res still 1024 x 768 slthough my moniter should be able to handle 1280 x 1024). Then my USB ralink wifi and USB HSDPA modem also still not work yet. But at least now I can see it the 10.5.2 already works and my pc detected as mac pro happy person now thanks
  2. any success on INTEL DQ35JO mobo?

    Hi Kizwan, did you do anything special to make this mobo works? I have also same DQ35JO and using Kalyway 10.5.2 , but it always fail me at the beginning as mention in this post always stop at this line while booting .. 'waiting for boot volume with UUID...'