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  1. Best Laptop To Run OSX

    that is so weird, i just saw that link on my iphone (searching google) and was just looking them up on ebay and thought i would check back with this thread, and pow! i think i might be picking one up and trying to follow his guide... will this one be ok for the guide? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Dell-Inspiron-1525-L...id=p3911.c0.m14
  2. i am looking to buy a laptop to install osx onto. i really need sound and wifi working, which are the 2 major problems i have seen after a little research. i am looking for the install to be as clean as possible and for as much as possible to work OOB. i have scoured the HCL but cant find anything, but understand that may be out of date... thanks. Reeko
  3. my pc specs are as follows: AcerAspire T180Board: Acer EM61SM Chipset: Nvidia MCP61 Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ Audio: Realtech Graphics: GeForce 8600 GT i am new to osx86, so excuse my noobism.i dl and burned kalyway's 10.5.2 iso,i erased my hd in disk utility then partitioned in mac os x extended (journalled) MBR format, then installed, customize choosing the sleepkernel, no network drivers, default audio, nvidia video, and in the AMD CPU patches chose patch 1 and the -legacy. i pretty much left the rest as standard.the install goes, ok. it finishes, i noticed during the install: localhost ReportCrash[558] [892] also localhost/volumes/Leopard/private/tmp/scripts.lGtg/./postinstall[1298]: chmod: No such file or directory it said the permissions differ anyways, the install went through and the above might be normal, after restarting the system boots to the wall of writing text,it stops and on the page of text remaining i can see: localhost kextd[10]: IOKitwaitQuiet() timed out waiting to write kernel symbols then localhost configd[58]: InterfaceNamer: timed out waiting for IOKit to quiesce then localhost configd[58]: InterfaceNamer: no network interfaces, could not update platform UUID now i think these are all linked?? also, i get: CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p= 58[configd] clearing CS_VALID CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p= 44[mds] clearing CS_VALID CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p= 46[login window] clearing CS_VALID CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p= 84[md worker] clearing CS_VALID CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p= 96[ATSServer] clearing CS_VALID CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p= 94[tiogadriver] clearing CS_VALID CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p= 11[update_dyld_shar] clearing CS_VALID CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p= 148[lssave] clearing CS_VALID i ALSO get localhost MDNSresponder [45]: couldn't read user-specified local hostname, renaming to .... localhost MDNSresponder [45]: couldn't read user-specified local computer name, renaming to .... i respect that you probably get questions like this all the time. i have tried searching so sorry if im going over old ground.just any pointers, explanations, or a simple your hardware is officially not compatible with this (which im starting to expect!) or any other method to achieve os x on this system would be great. thanks allot for your time, and thanks in advance for your response. Riki EDIT: booting with -v from HD after install leaves exactly the same errors again.... EDIT AGAIN : ok, got it to boot into OS X by F8, then rd=disk0s1 -F i believe this boots from the hd and avoids the boot sequence, so no waiting for root device, mac os x starts up fine, gone through welcome screen, but cant get audio or internet through ethernet because i deliberately did not install any drivers for it, how do i install the drivers for it now?!