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  1. i have a small question, is there any reasoning to 9.4.0 xnu being used vs the 9.5.0 voodoo kernel?
  2. Thanks Mysticus C* worked wonderfully from 10.5.2 to 10.5.5 no problems what so ever EDIT: on closer examination the battery meter disappeared, not that it matters it was broken and i dont unplug anyway
  3. Rudd FTW! NBN, National Apology, fixing Health Care.. What Au needs
  4. littlestevie

    PS3 and OSX. The bootloader.

    it is techinally possible to boot mac off it.... i could see a lot of work getting it done tho... darwin emulator being built into XeLL with suports for HFS+ and the mach_kernel (currently XeLL only supports a limited kernel set) Not to mention the work that would go into getting the console to work. The ATI Framebuffer is a mess under linux, altho its more likely to be able to get it to work under mac now that i have seen radeondump (which would need to be built in to the driver as it needs XCode from the NAND to Initialise. it would be a lot of work... but is strangely tempting (once i figure out my hackbook problems)
  5. littlestevie

    ATI Framebuffer development

    I found another copy of RadeonDump and i got the same result... no EDID. on the note of compiling, what exactly do i need (Xcode?). i have done alot of compiling under linux, but the same commands dont work under mac (is there no handling for make files?). also i cant seem to find GCC if you can point me in the direction of what i need i would be very grateful
  6. littlestevie

    ATI Framebuffer development

    EDID returns nothing back except that it has found device 'Display' dump.txt
  7. littlestevie

    ATI Framebuffer development

    I hope this is the right thread. Slice i got RadeonPCI.kext and Radeon Dump. Here is the dump for you 5A62.1043.1402.vga.rom.zip
  8. littlestevie

    QE problem on some Radeons investigations

    if its any help i have a Xpress 1100 which doesnt ID properly (200M) even in windows Vista X64 (infact windows vista 32bit is the only OS that ID's correctly) that is in a laptop, i would really like to help, not only for my benefit but for anyone with this graphics processor (alot of asus laptops have them) i can boot and get to the desktop but no QE and i have to boot from the DVD with "rd=disk0s3 mach_kernel" because otherwise i get a artifacted image. i have been following your guide and it only partially works for my chipset. profiler shows the Device ID as 5a62 and that i have 256MB of VRAM (even though Darwin only can find 16MB :S) oh and im not some total noob i am newish to osx but i know my way around the terminal and kext editing (been doing alot of that to get the rest of my hardware working) Thanks Little Stevie (P.S: im not requesting anything im offering in helping to get more support) System Specs: Celeron T530 1.6GHz 1MB L2 Cache 2GB DDR (system profiler cant pull the speed of it though) SB400 southbridge X1100 Graphics 80GB seagate SATA HDD 5400rpm 15.1" Widescreen (i dont think audio wifi bluetooth need to be spec'd for you)