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  1. Je ne sais pas. Je n'ai pas de Surface pro 2017 sous la main pour faire des tests. Je ne peut pas te garantir si cela va fonctionner car j'ai vu qu'il y a aussi des patches ou kexts sur la toile. I do know. I do not have a Surface pro 2017 for testing. I am not certain it is gonna work because I've seen patch and alternative kexts on the other websites.
  2. I tried to install High Sierra and Mojave on Surface pro 6 (i5, 256 GO, 8go model). I tried each Clover published in this forums and many suggested on other websites. I am blocking at end randomseed. The computer is totally stopping/stuck. I couldn't even write anything. root device uuid is ’xxxxxxxx—-' End InitBootStruct Start LoadRamDisk End LoadRamDisk Start FinalizeBootStruct Start RandomSeed End RandomSeed +++++++++++++++++++ Did someone overcome this issue?
  3. Hello, This post is reserved to step-by-step guide for installing High Sierra and/or Mojave on Surface Pro 6, released on 2018. As I haven't succeeded to install High Sierra or Mojave, It will be partially written. See posts in below to help each other for figuring out the installing process of High Sierra and/or Mojave on Surface Pro 6.
  4. Salut ! Ces 2 fichiers dans l'Install Clover pourrait t'aider. This 2 files in Install Clover might help you.
  5. Razak

    Surface Pro 2017 Hackintosh High Sierra

    I do not use _UniBeast. Here a guide is here https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-booting-the-os-x-installer-on-laptops-with-clover.148093/ I'm working on it right now. A regular USB is formatted in MS-DOS (FAT32). We need to turn the format into MacOS Extended. You could only write MacOS on MacOS Extended. Choose MacOS Extended (Journaled). After you have 2 ways. 1st method: One, MBR, is create 2 partitions for the Clover in (FAT32) and for MacOS (Extended journaled = HFS+J). 2nd method: The other, GPT, is to put in same partition the Clover and MacOS (Extended journaled = HFS+J). The Pros and Cons are listed on the link above. I tried 2nd method, but I was blocked on end randomseed when I was installing. So I am trying the other method.
  6. Razak

    Surface Pro 2017 Hackintosh High Sierra

    Hello KXH8350, I give you my notes for booting on Surface pro 6. I have not completed the installation of MacOS because I still am blocked. 0 - The Surface is turn off. 1 - Maintain volume high button and clic on turn on button. 2 - You land on Surface UEFI window (=BIOS). 3 - On the left side, there are a menu. Select Security, clic on Change configuration. Secure Boot configuration window pop up within 3 choose : Microsoft, Microsoft & 3rd party CA, and None. Select None. If you do not do that, the Surface pro 6 won't detect any Bootable USB drive.
  7. I read that WiFi doesn't work and people use an USB WiFi antenna.
  8. Hello everybody, Did someone try to install Mac OS Mojave or Yosomite on the new surface pro 6 (2018), released on October 2018? Share your comment ^^. I'm certain other people are curious to get some opinions.