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  1. If by not good setup you mean router issues, I don't think that's the problem, all the other devices I have uses it smoothly... My hackintosh also works perfectly with the wifi after I dettach and reattach my usb wifi receiver. I was thinking that maybe some cache isn't being deleted when I try to restart? If that makes sense (?) The kext is being loaded, that much I am sure from kextstat. After removing and inserting the USB back again for the first time after booting I can connect, disconnect and bend hell if I want to. Just trying to figure out some ideas to not have to remove and insert the usb every time I boot.
  2. The same is happening to me. After a restart I have to remove the USB Device and then connect back again in order to get connected. Otherwise, I can see every wifi available but it never connects. Did you manage to solve this? chris11111, I am here to both congratulate you and ask you a question. I am using a Ralink 5370 and your TP-Link is working wonders. But I have the following problem: When I boot (or restart) the WiFi utility opens itself up, I can see the WiFi networks around me but I can only manage to connect to whatever WiFi I was connected before if I dettach and reattach the USB device from the port. Have you ever encountered this and do you know how to fix it? By the way, I am using a H270-HD3 Gigabyte with a i5-7500, no video cards, Kext Patcher for USB Limit. p.s: I also added the kexts to the EFI Partition Folder "Others"