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  1. Ok, So I do have that little bit of white flash right before the screen resolution changes. I almost don't see it and it doesn't bother me because that's when the resolution changes. But yes I do have it on the lower part of the screen.
  2. I have a Shaphire Pulse RX580 8GB and I don't get that flash or the fan speed burst. Does it cover the entire screen the white?
  3. @arsradu Another question. When you put the computer to sleep, did you ever lose sound after waking?
  4. @arsradu It worked I changed to MacPro6,1 in SMBIOS and it's working the preview. Hurray. Thank you so much.
  5. I can't find iGPU in BIOS. In Graphics it only allows me to choose between IGD or PEG Below I can specify shared memory and IGD Multi-Monitor. Similar to the screenshot.
  6. Hi i'm having the same problems. Quicklook / Preview won't open jpeg/jpg files. I've added NOVPAJPEG.kext I tried changing the SMBIOS nothing worked for me. Do I need to do something special for the kext to work?