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  1. Did anyone do a G5 mod placing the motherboard vertically? (and by that I mean having the openings in the bottom). I'm considering such a mod currently. You keep the exterior of the G5 unchanged (maybe except for the ports at the back that you could put an aluminum strip over maybe with USB 3.0). It accommodates larger motherboards, mounting it this way means you should be able to squeeze even an E-ATX board in. Power-supply on top, but without a cutout, will be using the existing cutout at the bottom and an internal cable to the PSU on top. Drives in optical bay compartment. The main problem I see with this is that will be hard to find room for intake fans but then again this way the CPU fan would sit almost at the front anyway. Any thoughts?
  2. Will this work on a Mac Pro with a USB3 PCI-e card? And in that case is there any particular chipset that it works best with?
  3. majoho

    Mac Pro (Early 2013) - Asus Rampage Gene 2

    Probably just stickers, apple products always have a couple in the box.
  4. majoho

    Making ATI cards work by bios flashing?

    Usually when you flash your BIOS to something else on a standalone it's because you want more performance, on a laptop that could mean frying the whole thing. Anyway it's just my opinion. Btw. 0x5B62 is the Radeon X600 NOT the Radeon Mobility X600, as far as I know they are nothing alike.
  5. majoho

    Making ATI cards work by bios flashing?

    I wouldn't suggest to mess with the BIOS on a mobile computer graphics card, I don't see how it would help you in any way.
  6. majoho

    Keyboard problem

    I sucessfully installed 10.4.4 from a prepatched ISO, but somehow my keyboard decided to stop to work (it did work initially and I never messed with any files). I get a message that ApplePS2Controller.kext was installed improperly. And I'm an Apple noob, so please be rather specific if you want to help me, thanks. Also I get same messages about these two AppleAC97Audio.kext AppleAC97AudioIntelICH.kext They are no a big concern to me at the moment but not having a working keyboard is (DOH). Couldn't get my built in Network card to work but fortunatly I had a 3Com card that worked without a problem. My video card is an ATI X600PRo and it works fine as well (as fine as it can I suppose)
  7. majoho

    DVD for clean install

    Tried the Ghost image, gives me a double panic I think it's called (I'm a Mac noob).
  8. majoho

    DVD for clean install

    I already saw that but I don't have a Mac. Also sorry for posting in the wrong forum here.
  9. majoho

    DVD for clean install

    First off, yes I did look around and I can't seem to find any definite answer on how to do what I need to do. I have a Dell PC with an ATI card so I expect little trouble getting it to work, all I need to do is turn off nx. BUT I'm stuck at how to actually make the modifications to the DVD I have the 10.4.4 restore DVD, the patches, Ultra ISO. I understand I need to patch the kernel, but how do I get the new kernal onto the DVD? I tried it and get a message that files with the HFS cannot be modified!