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  1. @MaLd0n Hi! I wanted to test the system a little more because I noticed the sleep issue still exists. Kernel problems gone for all, thanks to you. Anyways during sleep it's still wakes up and stay awake. Or restart the whole system. The restarting happened only 2 times but the awakening is more often. Maybe it's help if I tell you I have an MSI B250m Mortar motherboard. I ran a new SendMe Oh, and USB 3 still not on full speed Thank you! Send me Adams-iMac.zip
  2. Yeah it's there. Writing test still shows me 10 Mb/s on my usb 3.1 drive plugged in front USB 3.0 slot.
  3. It's working! Thank you so much I really appreciate it! USB-s still on 2.0 speed. I tested with Blackmagic disk speed test. What should I looking for now? I've read about DSDT patches. May I need to do that on my computer or something else? Thank you!
  4. EDIT: Sorry I see it's a Mojave topic. I'm on high sierra. I hope it's not a problem. Thanks. Hi MaLd0n! I'm hackintoshing about a few months, and almost everything works perfectly. My only issue is the sleep and computer restarting. Now it's even worse... My hackintosh always been woke up during sleep, but slept back after a minuter or two. Annoyed me first, and I get used to it about a while. But now it's simply restarts the computer during the sleep. I only moved my computer to another room and plugged everything back as should be. Maybe it's related to my USB connectors, because they not working on USB 3.0, 3.1 speed, only 2.0. I'd like to resolve these, but I feel it's something I can't do by myself. My issues in nutshell: • Kernel panic on restart, or simply turning on the computer. • Computer can't stay in sleep. Wakes up, now simply restart the whole system. • USB connectors working on USB2 only. • Additional: Maybe it's unique, but on displayport I can see some vertical lines in greys or in some specific colors on my monitor. I'm pretty sure it's not the monitors or the cables issue, because on windows I can't see those lines. Looks like nVidia driver related or something. I used your RunMe app already. I hope you can help. Thanks, Adam Send me Adams-iMac.zip