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  1. Resolution issues

    ok i got nvinject installed but I still can't change the resolution? any ideas?
  2. Resolution issues

    Ok tried editing that file, didn't work and where can I find that nvinject file? how do I install it? How do I enable Qi/CE? Sorry noob here.
  3. Resolution issues

    Greetings, First off let me just say all the developers did a wonderful job getting OS X to work on the X86 processor. Everything works so smootly. I am having a relatively minor issues though it is quite cumbersome. My resolution is a little to small for my taste and it only give me one option in the display properties which is 1024 X 768. Since OS X is unix based I was looking for a xorg.conf file but alas to no available. My card is in Nvidia Geforce 6100 nforce 430. It only has 128 megs shared memory. Is there something I am missing or do I have to upgrade my graphics card? If I have to upgrade does anyone have a suggestion as to which one would work best? Thanks in advance.